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Toddler Gets Too Close To Baby Gorilla

June 21st, 2019

One of the greatest things about toddlers is that they’re always so friendly. This friendliness can extend to animals, sometimes with hilarious results.

Isaiah is one such toddler. Every day, he grows a little wiser and a little taller. But when his parents took him to the Columbus Zoo, Isaiah learned a very important lesson.

Isaiah was enjoying his visit. There’s something magical about seeing a very young child overcome with excitement because they’re discovering so many creatures.

About halfway through the zoo, Isaiah and his family got to the monkeys.

These, Isaiah really loved. They were swinging from tree to tree and doing all sorts of funny things.

Then Isaiah spotted a baby gorilla right next to the glass of his enclosure.

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TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube

The gorilla was almost exactly the same size as Isaiah. So Isaiah started approaching it, thinking he might be able to become friends with the animal.

The baby gorilla, who was named Kamoli, looked at Isaiah with curiosity.

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TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube

Gorillas are so similar to humans, even as little babies.

Amazingly, Isaiah was able to connect with Kamoli.

Kamoli didn’t run away. The toddler and the gorilla examined each other for a few moments.

But Kamoli’s mother was watching from a branch above.

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TheCoumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheCoumbusDispatch/YouTube

At first, she was a little cautious, but then she realized that Isaiah meant no harm and that Isaiah just wanted to be friends with her baby.

Then Isaiah’s parents asked their son “What do the gorillas do?”

Isaiah replied by pounding his chest. This made Kamoli energetic. Isaiah loved seeing the little gorilla in a playful mood. The two started playing a game of tag, not letting the glass barrier stop them.

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TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube

Kamoli kept on running from one end of the enclosure to the other, with little Isaiah chasing.

Then Kamoli tried hiding behind trees and other objects, peeking out to see if Isaiah was playing along.

Isaiah would announce when he spotted Kamoli, making the baby gorilla jump out and find a new hiding space.

Everyone watching this scene (on both the human and gorilla sides of the glass) was heartwarmed. It didn’t matter that Isaiah and Kamoli were entirely different species. They had become firm friends in no time at all.

And it seemed like Isaiah and Kamoli would never stop playing. In all, the little ones played with each other for over five minutes.

But after a while, the two got visibly worn out.

Isaiah’s parents told him it was time to see some other animals. But just as they were leaving the enclosure, Isaiah said “Bye, gorilla!” to Kamoli. Kamoli watched Isaiah leave sadly.

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TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube

Many parents call their children their little monkeys, but Isaiah’s parents can really say that!

Later, Isaiah’s dad said “It was a really fun interaction. Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s super playful.”

A video of Isaiah and Kamoli playing was uploaded onto YouTube. The video has been a smash hit online!

To date, the video has received almost 3 million views. It also has over 2,600 likes and over 100 comments. People have been saying things like this:

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TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube Source: TheColumbusDispatch/YouTube

Clearly, this was a special moment for both Isaiah and Kamoli. Who knows, perhaps one day Isaiah will bring his own kids to Columbus Zoo, and then they’ll play with Kamoli’s kids?

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Source: TheColumbusDispatch