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Goose Cuddles Lost, Freezing Puppy With Her Wings

July 9th, 2019

Animals can feel empathy just like humans can. In fact, there must be thousands of acts of kindness between animals that happen every day. These amazing photos show just one of those acts.

In the wintertime, something terrible happened to a puppy.

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Pixabay Source: Pixabay

He had been out on his daily walk with its owners when a loud noise spooked him. He started darting around and eventually slipped out of his collar.

He ran off, with his owners chasing him. But sadly, they couldn’t catch up to him, and he got lost in the bushes.

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Distraught, the owners went home and prayed that their puppy would be safe.

But things got much worse. That night, the temperatures dropped drastically. The wind was relentless, making the puppy desperate to find shelter.

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Pretty soon, the puppy started shivering. If he didn’t find help soon, he would surely freeze. Luckily, help was just around the corner.

The puppy saw an animal approaching him. It was a goose. The puppy was scared of this animal, but by now he was too cold to move.

But when the goose got up to the puppy, it did something unexpected.

It extended its wings and cradled the puppy in its plumage.

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Suzanne Pedapetra/Facebook Source: Suzanne Pedapetra/Facebook

Goose feathers are incredibly good at filtering out the cold. The puppy found that this unlikely shelter was ideal.

Soon, the puppy started warming up. After just a short while, he fell asleep in the goose’s embrace.

And the goose wouldn’t let go of the tiny puppy all night. It knew that the puppy had to be kept warm until the sun came out.

Later, just after it got bright, some passersby saw the goose still cradling the puppy. It was getting a little warmer, but the goose wanted to make sure it was good enough for the baby animal.

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Suzanne Pedapetra/Facebook Source: Suzanne Pedapetra/Facebook

After taking a few photos, the passersby approached the goose. The goose could tell that the passersby wanted to inspect the puppy. So the animal opened its wings and showed them the puppy.

The puppy woke up and gave a loving stare at the goose, as if to say “thank you for saving me.”

Then the creature turned to the humans, that loving look still in his eyes. One of the people picked the puppy up.

They took him to the animal rescue center. The people told the volunteers what had happened and showed them the photos. None of the volunteers had ever heard of this kind of act of interspecies rescue before. In just a few short hours, the little puppy was back in the arms of his owners.

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Maxpixel Source: Maxpixel

When the rescue volunteers told the owners about how a goose had kept their pet warm throughout the night, the owners didn’t believe them.

But then the volunteers showed them the photos. They still couldn’t quite believe it, even though they could see it with their own eyes.

Clearly, the puppy had only been brought back to them thanks to the kindness of other animals. Now the owners cherish their little puppy, who has since grown into a big boy. And whenever they take him out on a walk, they ensure that the animal can’t get away from them as easily again!

Who knows what happened to that goose?

Perhaps it has been saving lost animals for years, and this is the only time it has come to light?

One thing is for sure: people could learn a lot from this kindly, lifesaving goose!

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Source: Suzanne Pedapetra/Facebook