Soak Your Feet In Listerine To Solve All Kinds Of Problems
Patricia Lynn

Here’s two things we know for certain: mouthwash is great to use right after you brush your teeth first thing in the morning, and soaking you feet is a great way to relax your foot muscles. But have you ever tried soaking your feet in mouthwash? The idea sounds strange to say the least, but people all across the Internet have been finding out about this bizarre, yet beneficial method. Believe it or not, this “foot-mouthwash” activity has become more and more popular, and has shown to have great benefits on feet. Hard to believe, yes, but here are 3 benefits of soaking your feet in mouthwash.


1) Treat Fungal Infections

Get a bucket large enough to put both your feet in, and fill it with the right amount of mouthwash. Leave your feet in the bucket for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will remove your feet of bacteria and any sort of fungal infections.

2) Remove Athlete’s Foot

Along with the bacteria and fungus removed from your feet, is the bad smell as well. Again, for this benefit to be maximized in potential, leave your feet in the bucket of mouthwash for a minimum of 30 minutes. Afterwards, take pieces of garlic and place them in between your toes. Keep the garlic there for 24 hours

3) Relaxes Feet Muscles

It’s important to ice your feet right after removing your feet from the bucket of mouthwash. This will help fully relax the feet muscles!


4) Get Rid Of Dead, Dry Skin

Rather than getting a pedicure to solve these problems, a Listerine soak will easily remedy it. The mouthwash will gently dissolve away, old, dead skin cells. After you soak, give your feet a nice, gentle scrub using a towel. Then apply lotion and you’ll feel the smoothness of your skin instantly.

Give this a try and watch to see what happens!

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