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8 womanly characteristics men find attractive about women
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Sasha Alonzo

There’s female energy and then there’s male energy that you can immediately feel from some people the minute they step foot into a room.

Over the past several years a lot has been said about female energy.

And it has been covered from a number of different angles. For example, back in 2014, relationship coach, Jordan Gray, spoke of seeing a woman who took his breath away.

“ . . . she had the most feminine energy packed into one human being that I had ever been witness to.”

His blog post goes on to talk about how a woman can reconnect with her inner feminine or how a man can balance out his masculine energy.

In 2017, a Huffington Post article entitled The Rise of Feminine Energy got very spiritual and tied it to chakras.

More recently, in 2019, Mat Boggs, who is the creator of Cracking the Man Code.

He shares dating, love, and relationship advice for women, and has applied feminine energy to his suggestions.

And while are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any of the three mentioned above, let’s explore what Boggs has to say.

Because I bet there are a lot of women out there who would be interested in a few tips on how to better attract a man.

What Do Men Love About Woman?

First off, let me preface this by pointing out we are all individuals.

And while the principles and concepts of what Boggs has to say are true, they aren’t necessarily going to apply to every single man or woman on the planet.

Because you didn’t originate from a cookie-cutter, did you?

Clearly, these strategies aren’t new, but Boggs had asked women to share what things they did to amplify their feminine energy.

Then he created a video based on their responses.

Here are the eight feminine qualities Boggs says will help you attract a man.

And let me say that some of these are just powerful things you could do for your own wellbeing.

Forget about the man.

1. Joyful Receiving


Here is the response from one woman.

“The best way I have found to increase my feminine energy is to learn how to receive. I’m an over giver, doing things for others makes me feel good. But unfortunately, in a romantic relationship this is masculine energy. It has been a journey to remember to just take a deep breath, smile, and receive graciously.”

What she says falls perfectly in line with what proponents of feminine energy preach.

Whether you apply it to a man or not.

But it is a way to attract someone who exudes masculine energy—someone who would be attracted or drawn to feminine qualities.

This quality heightens his feelings of masculine energy—makes him feel more manly—in the sense of being a provider.

If you don’t appropriately receive, you crush those feelings.

But what if you are a natural-born giver?

You need to realize that you are still giving him something when you receive his gifts—the gift of being a provider.

2. Feel Safe


Depending on a lot of past and present circumstances, feeling like you’re locked into a safe zone might be difficult.

This could be because of parental neglect or abuse—or the abuse of a past partner.

It could be the pain brought on by a relationship that just went wrong.

Whatever the reason, if we, as women, are in full protection mode, that’s masculine energy at the forefront, not feminine energy.

When entering into a new relationship with fists up in either an offensive or defensive stance, we are sending out the wrong vibes.

However, if we feel safe and in control of the situation—to whatever extent control is possible—that gives off feminine energy and is more attractive to men.

But how can a woman get to that point? Especially if she has been hurt in the past?

Trust yourself.

Trust in your ability to choose the right guy this time around.

And trust in your ability to stand up and speak up for yourself.

If you perceive issues with this new relationship, address them. And move on if necessary.

Knowing this—believing this—puts you in a position to relax and let your guard down.

Let those fists down. And lets your feminine energy shine.

3. Step Outside of Your Head


Men are from Mars . . . or at least masculine energy is all in the head.

It’s cognitive.

Feminine energy is in the body.

More specifically, in moving the body.

One of the best ways to do this is to dance.

And not some jerky, robotic type of dance.

Something flowing, curving, fluid.

The female body is all about curves, while the male body is more about straight lines.

Accentuating and moving those curves through dance increases feminine energy as you become more aware of your body.

4. Connect with Other Women


In regards to this point, here is a response from another woman.

“To me the best way I activate my feminine energy is by going to the gym, especially to Zumba classes. Those classes light me up.”

Zumba classes, Pilates classes, any kind of group where you and a bunch of other women come together is about connection, whether you realize it or not.

It doesn’t matter if you’re there with your girl gang, just your bestie, or a room full of women you’ve never met before.

As you move together in sync you create a connection that fires up your feminine energy.

The more you do this—connect with other women and ignite each other’s feminine energy, the better you will feel about yourself. And it will show.

5. Feel Sexy.


This isn’t about what some man thinks is sexy.

This is about clothes, perfumes, shoes . . . whatever.

Things that make you feel sexy wearing them. It’s about feeling good about yourself.

Because the better you feel about yourself, the more feminine energy you’ll give off.

And the more relaxed you’ll feel.

And those are just the kind of things that are highly attractive to a man’s masculine energy.

It’s addictive.

So when getting ready for a date make sure you feel good about your choice of clothes and so on.

If you are happy about how you look and feel, likely he will be too.

He’ll pick up on that inner confidence.

And if that means you have to change five times before you’re ready, that’s okay too.

6. Take Care of Yourself.


In many ways, this is an extension to number 5.

Self-care is important for everyone, but if you want to bring out your feminine energy, don’t let slip all those things that show you’re taking care of yourself outside and in.

For the outside, this could include things like mani-pedis, massages, haircuts, and more.

But the inside is just as important.

We sometimes need to nurture and renew.

Simply take time for ourselves.

This could be meditation, reading, listening to music. Anything that rejuvenates us.

Just like feeling sexy boosts your confidence in yourself, so will self-care.

7. Tone of Voice.


I don’t think that any of us can argue that different situations call for different tones of voice.

Sometimes that more masculine, cognitive, assertive tone is necessary.

But if your goal is to attract masculine energy, the experts say that’s the wrong tone to use.

If you’re with a guy you’re attracted to, try using a softer, sweeter, more sensual tone of voice.

Without going overboard and sounding like a freak, of course.

See what happens!

8. Get in Touch with Your Sensuality

Masculine men are attracted to sensuous, feminine women.

But what does being sensuous really mean?

Sensuality is all about being in touch with your senses.

It has nothing to do with living in your head.

You’re vividly aware of how things taste.

How things feel and smell.

How they sound and look.

Revel in the way food tastes.

The way fabric feels against your body.

Sensuality is about feminine energy, and it attracts masculine energy.

So there are the practices that should ramp up your feminine energy.

They’re said to be great if you’re trying to attract a man.

And even if you’re not, many of them are should be things we’re doing ourselves anyway.

Watch the video below to get the complete rundown of the qualities men love about women.

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