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10 Safety Tips For Mature Men And Women Who Date Online

May 5th, 2021

Online dating can be tough. To add to that, it can also be risky. With in person dating all you risk is a broken heart, but if you meet someone online, you risk that and a computer virus or a scammer asking for your money.

In order to help online daters make the best possible choices, Older Dating Online, a British dating website, made a helpful video explaining some do’s and don’ts of online dating.

1. Don’t save your password on a public or shared computer

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And for that matter, try do keep it private and out of people’s view, so that no one can record. If you save your password, people can access your accounts when you are not around. This could result in some embarrassing posts on your account, or they could check out your credit card information.

2. Up to date computer security software will go a long way

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When you are trying to protect yourself, it is important to also protect your computer. Hackers and viruses can implant themselves through social media links, file downloads, and messaging attachments. It’s important to have the most up to date cybersecurity software to protect your computer from viruses.

3. Don’t put your personal details in your username

Try to keep things light and easily identifiable with a username that focuses on your interests or hobbies. You don’t want complete strangers to know your name right off the bat. Older Dating Online suggests a name like “Tennis Lover”.

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4. Keep your contact info our of your DM’s

Or any other part of your profile for that matter. This relates to the tip above. You don’t know who is out there, and who might be looking at your profile. You don’t want to risk being hacked and enabling random people to contact you.

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5. Save the life story for a later date

A lot of safety is just about protecting yourself from being vulnerable to people who may not have your best interests at heart. You should wait until you can really trust someone, and once you’re together in person, before you share all your intimate details with them.

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6. Absolutely stop talking to anyone who asks for your personal or financial info

Scammers are all over the place. Some of them will even try online dating to take money from you. Be vigilant for anyone who seems like maybe they’re more interested in the money than in you, and cut off contact the minute you start to feel weird.

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7. Create a burner email address for communications with people you meet online.

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This one sounds sneaky, but it can go a long way in terms of cybersecurity. While using an alternative email won’t necessarily prevent that email from getting hacked, it will minimize the damage that would occur if your personal or work email address was broken into. It will also protect you from sharing your personal data with a website that could be less than legit.

8. Reconsider opening email attachments from someone you don’t know.

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These attachments could contain malware, vicious viruses that target your whole computer. If you open up an attachment containing one of these viruses, your whole computer could be toast.

9. No matter how much you thought you liked them, move on the minute they get mean.

You don’t want to put up with harassment or bullying of any kind. And their online behavior could indicate much worse treatment in person. Make sure you only meet up with people you are comfortable with, and cut your losses with someone who is mean.

10. Their sob story might not be pure tragedy.

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Oftentimes, scammers will start by overwhelming you with flattery, and then make demands or excuses for why you need to wire them money. More often than not, the person on the other end of the computer doesn’t really need money to help with their sick aunt, or airfare to visit you. Be careful, and as a general rule, don’t give away money to someone you don’t trust.

Being safe online will help you find true love.

By being selective and protecting yourself from hackers and viruses, you leave yourself open and available for all the good people you can meet online. Once you get to know someone better in person you may not need to be so careful, but when you are starting out, these tips are a good stepping stone.

Watch the video below to hear their tips!

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