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Woman that loves heavy metal rock gets edgy makeover turning her into a ‘bad girl’

January 5th, 2021

Hard rock and heavy metal have been associated in our minds with young boys and girls with long hair, sporting leather outfits, boots, and having dozens of piercings. Is that right?

Well, this is most probably the case when you bump into heavy metal fans in TV series and movies. But is this true in real life?

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So, wearing black or having lots of piercings is often common among heavy metal fans and that’s because they want to stand out and they wish to be unique and different from society. It seems that their “rebellious and anti-generalist spirit” makes them refuse to belong to any other style.

But what happens to metalheads when they grow up? And by “up” we mean “old”.

Just like any other person, hard rock fans grow up, make relationships, have children, and eventually become grandmas and grandpas. But the real question here is, do they still act and dress like classic metalheads? Or do they turn into ordinary senior citizens?

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Actually, we might have an answer to that question.

Meet Jan, a hard rock fan who, honestly doesn’t look anything like a metalhead as we have them in mind.

Jan is a 65-year-old woman, mother of two sons, and grandma to four kids- three grandsons and a granddaughter- and she really looks the part.

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The woman has been married to a “fabulous man” for 45 years and she still looks in love from the way she speaks about him.

But, although Jan was happy with her life, she wasn’t excited about her appearance. She thought she looked somewhat outdated.

“I’ve had this cut for a long time,” she said, “and I was looking for something different.”

And that’s what brought her to the Makeover Guy’s show.

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Jan looked great for a woman her age, and she also had beautiful skin and nice hair. Still, something was missing.

“I like the color that [my hair] is right now,” Jan said about her bob cut.”I think the color is pretty. I like that it is shiny, classic, but just a little bit of an edge to it.”

That’s what was really missing in order to make Jan look ten years younger. A little bit more edginess.

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And that’s when she went on to reveal something that very few people knew about her, the fact that she’s a heavy metal fan.

“I like studs on my clothing,” she added. “Tasteful studs, I’m not a teenager anymore, but I do like things that are a little different, a little unique.”

And that’s exactly what the metal philosophy is about. Being your unique self.

So, when the Makeover guy, aka Chris Hopkins, took on the challenge to “update” her appearance, it was clear that he had to work to that end.

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And the results are amazing!

Now, Jan is rocking her new, even shorter, hair and she looks absolutely stunning in her leather jacket. The earrings also look so good on her, and the makeup is spot on!

“This is exactly what I was thinking I wanted,” Jan said. “It’s very ‘me’; it’s got a little bit of an edge, but still classic enough”.

We bet Jan’s hubby and family loved her new look. At least we can’t get over it- wow!

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