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Stop holding your farts in – here are 7 health benefits of passing gas

September 11th, 2020

Farting can be embarrassing anywhere in public. It’s very common for one to feel ashamed whenever it does happen.

In truth, farting is a great indicator of a healthy digestive system and shows a great balanced level of good bacteria in the gut. It’s not always pleasant to smell, but at least it’s telling of how good you’ve been taking care of yourself.

Research from state that a fart is made up of 9% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, 4% oxygen, and 1% hydrogen sulfide. In other words, there’s more that goes behind flatulating then meets the eye.

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Farting most often occurs when one is sleeping while it occurs roughly 5-14 depending on who you ask. What causes one to fart you may ask? Foods that retain a high level of carbohydrates like beans, pasta dairy products, oats, wheat, and the like will cause you to fart more often.

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Eating refined sugars may cause you to stop farting, but is not worth the burden of your health to take this course of action. Blushing in the middle of a crowd is much more favorable than taking a worrisome trip to the doctor about your digestive health.

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While a “battle of the sexes” scenario can happen on almost any comparison, it seems like farting is no exception. According to the, women had stronger, more smelly farts in a study where both men and women ate the same type and quantity of food.

Whether you’re a believer or not, farting has some amazing benefits. Here are seven of them just to list a few.

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Food Allergies

Farting is a good way to know if you have intolerances or allergies towards specific foods. The result is more than the average amount of gas being released, which is your body trying to reject some of the contents. If this causes an allergic reaction, make sure to schedule an appointment with your primary doctor.

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Bloat Reduction

The buildup of gas in the gut and gastrointestinal areas can cause some irritation. It can lead to an upset stomach and might even cause acute pain in some areas of the gut. As Shrek once eloquently put it, “Better out than in, I always say”.

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Smelling Farts Is Healthy

Although it’s very strange to think, smelling your own farts is actually healthy for you. The reason being is because the hydrogen sulfide that is produced in our intestines helps to prevent mitochondrial damage to ourselves. As a result, This can help prevent strokes heart disease and even arthritis. Instinctually, We tend to smell our own farts because of this reason–other farts not so much.

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It Helps Balance Your Diet

The smell of your farts can help you determine how well-balanced your diet is. Your body will react differently to different types of food when it’s time to pass wind. If you eat a lot of red meat, then your farts will definitely be more pungent in odor. Eating carbs will result in more farts, but will neutralize your farts’ odors.

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Reduce Abdominal Pain

Try not to hold your gas! Doing so can cause severe abdominal pain, which is also known as intestinal distention. Make sure to rip it whenever you have a chance to avoid this extreme discomfort. To help with this process, You can generally rub your belly to ease gas flow and make it easier to let it out.

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Colon Health

Another reason why it’s not smart to hold in your gas is because it can cause detrimental harm to your colon and can inflammate your hemorrhoids. Make sure you’re passing gas naturally in order to avoid this health hazard and to promote healthy bodily functions.

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It Feels Nice!

It is a unanimous fact that flatulating feels incredibly liberating. Holding on to gas makes us feel worse, so it’s not really a good idea to pretend we’re saving ourselves from embarrassment. If you feel like maybe you pass too much gas and somehow it’s contributing to global warming, then there are definitely things you can do to decrease the amount of gas you let out.

Some of these activities include eating slowly, avoiding carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners, and getting more exercise in general.

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So what have we learned? Being self-conscious about our gas is not the way to view them. Learning to be more at peace with our inner gasses can go a long way in knowing how healthy we truly are. Next time you feel a little discomfort in your belly, don’t think about it twice and just let it fly!

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