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Scared little girl flees from bob-cat – begs help through neighbors doorbell camera

January 19th, 2021

We all want security for our families. Security systems are one way we can accomplish that. Plenty of security systems promise safety from burglars and thieves, but not many are built like this one.

Ring has been very aggressive with their advertisements on their security system.

Many packages are left on doorsteps and of course, people can easily just grab them when nobody is home.

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Pexels - Scott Webb Source: Pexels - Scott Webb

Ring has developed a special live feature that will help the homeowner watch a video stream if anyone comes on their porch.

The homeowner can also use the speaker on the doorbell to talk to anyone on the porch.

This feature really allows people to deter thieves, but it also helps out in many other ways too.

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Facebook - Ring Source: Facebook - Ring

In the video we have picked up today, the Ring system helps a little girl who is running from a bobcat.

The way the Ring system works, when the little girl steps up to the porch, the system starts recording. She frantically knocks, hoping that someone is home.

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YouTube - Ring Source: YouTube - Ring

Nobody answers, so she knocks even harder.

The little girl keeps glancing back over her shoulder to see if the bobcat is close by. But nobody comes to the door, so the little girl starts to cry. She’s clearly traumatized. But when she hears a voice, she realizes it’s the neighbors, but she doesn’t really know where it’s coming from.

The neighbor tells Lauren that she will be home soon. The neighbor just assumes Lauren wants to play.

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YouTube - Ring Source: YouTube - Ring

Lauren quickly explains her dire news.

She says, “No, please come open the door. There’s a bobcat and I want to come in! Please!”

The actual homeowner overhears what Lauren told her daughter. She quickly encourages Lauren to stay right where she is.

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YouTube - Ring Source: YouTube - Ring

Lauren again asks if there is anyone in the house.

At this point, the homeowner is hurrying and tells Lauren not to panic, help is on the way!

Lauren says okay and then responds, “I really want to come in because, my mom, I don’t know where my mom is. I think my mom is back home and I saw it.”

Having someone to talk to is clearly helping Lauren stay calm. The neighbor instructs her daughter to keep the call going and to make Lauren feel safe. The daughter reminds Lauren that they are almost at the house, and when they get there she will be safe and sound.

Lauren calms down, and stays on the phone. These neighbors deserve a medal!

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YouTube - Ring Source: YouTube - Ring

This Ring system saved Lauren from having to deal with an extremely tough situation all by herself.

This incredible technology allows you to closely monitor your porch, and in this case, it didn’t prevent a robbery but brought peace of mind to the person on the doorstep. Shout out to Ring for their amazing technology!

The two people that should be thanked for the handling of this situation are the neighbors and the Ring system. Both came through in the clutch. The neighbors were kind enough to check in on Lauren, and the Ring system did its job just as it says it will.

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