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Reduce Cancer Risk By 40% By Giving Up Bacon And Booze

June 16th, 2018

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy.

Most of us know that in order to do so, we need to give up a few bad habits. Why is it that the things that are bad for you taste so good? If you knew you could prevent cancer by giving up two tasty things, would you do it? What if those two things were bacon and beer?

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Not, so easy now right?

Bacon and beer are what life is all about right? Not everyone would agree, but most people like at least one or the other. A new study shows that getting rid of these two things could have a big impact on your life. It found that cutting these two things from your diet can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 40 percent. That’s a pretty big reduction.

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Alcohol and processed meats, like bacon, can lead to obesity, which the study found can be linked to many different types of cancer.

The study shows that there are a lot of things that can increase cancer risk, and it’s a good idea to avoid all of these things if possible. The report says:

“Avoiding tobacco in any form, together with appropriate diet, nutrition, and physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight, have the potential over time to reduce much of the global burden of cancer.”

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Over the years, people have stopped being as active and started eating more unhealthy foods and indulging in unhealthy habits.

This is leading to an increase in cancer. The researchers behind the study hope that it will help change this. The report stated:

“However, with current trends towards decreased physical activity and increased body fatness, the global burden of cancer can be expected to continue to rise until these issues are addressed, especially given projections of an aging global population. If current trends continue, overweight and obesity are likely to overtake smoking as the number one risk factor for cancer. There is very strong evidence for a package of lifestyle behaviors as a blueprint for cancer prevention.”

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Most people don’t realize how much the foods and drinks they put in their bodies can affect their health later on in life.

They eat and drink what tastes good and makes them feel good now, but they don’t realize that they could be putting themselves at risk for serious health problems later in life.

Dr. Giota Mitrou, World Cancer Research Fund’s director of research funding and external relations, explained:

“Our research shows it’s unlikely that specific foods or nutrients are important single factors in causing or protecting against cancer Rather, different patterns of diet and physical activity throughout life combine to make you more or less susceptible to cancer. As this report shows, carrying excess weight can increase the risk of cancer.”

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Cancer isn’t the only disease that bacon and beer have been linked to.

They have also been found to be connected to other serious illnesses. The report said:

“It is also linked to other health conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart and liver disease, plus mental health problems. “

It’s no secret that obesity is a big problem in the world today, but getting people to eat better and exercise regularly is easier said than done. We need to make healthy lifestyle changes that are easy for people to follow. Right now, it’s easier and cheaper to buy a burger through the drive-thru than make a salad at home. That’s part of the problem.

Caroline Cerny of the Obesity Health Alliance, a coalition of health organizations, said:

“But with one in three children overweight or obese by the age of 11, it’s not as simple as telling people to eat less. It’s clear we need an environment that supports and encourages healthy choices, rather than steering us towards unhealthy options with constant adverts, promotions, and offers. The Government now has an opportunity to step up and publish a truly world-leading obesity plan with strong measures to curb the influence of junk food marketing.”

Reports like this help people learn about the food and habits that put them at risk for certain illnesses, but they can’t make them make the changes.

Education is just the first step to solving the cancer and obesity crises. Hopefully, the government can take some steps to help make bad foods harder to obtain and healthy foods easier.

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Source: Insider