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People are adding a whole new dimension to their vibe with holographic rainbow hair

March 19th, 2021

Looking to add dimension to your hair? Maybe just tired of your old style? You should try out holographic rainbow hair. Honestly, you won’t regret it. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Although, be warned- this is definitely a lengthy process, but well worth it. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

These will be sure to give you some ideas before visiting your favorite salon.

This hair was made possible by Josh Rainville.

He uses his HaloPrism shineline technique.

This unique color is achieved by controlling the way your eye takes the color in. In order to achieve the holo hair, it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to execute.

You’re going to want to make sure you visit a hairstylist who specializes in this type of coloring.

How is this even possible?

This is just a little sneak peek into how the magic works.

This timelapse shows the extensive process that goes into creating this work of art. The stylist has to mix all the colors, and then individually paint them on each section.

You’re going to want to be comfortable to get this done for sure. Now that you’ve seen a little bit into the process let’s get to the inspiration!

It’s a work of art.

Here’s Josh Rainville again with another holographic masterpiece.

The use of turquoise as the background is really creative.

When having vibrant colors in your hair they tend to fade quickly. Make sure to try to skip as many washes as possible to ensure the color stays in. Maybe invest in some good dry shampoo!

Okay, we can’t stop showing off Josh because he’s really good at the art of holographic hair. He deserves all the credit. This style quite literally looks like rays of light.

The way the light hits the holo is so cute and definitely unique!

It works with short hair too!

You would’ve thought this type of style could only work with long hair, but Josh knows how to do it. I’m wondering how he even did that? This man sure has a gift for holographic hair.

Try holographic bangs.

Another masterpiece from our favorite stylist. If you don’t think you want to commit to a full head of holo hair, you don’t have to! Try out some holo bangs. This one is more pastel, but it fades quite beautifully as well.

Okay, let’s take a break from Josh for a second.

This was a beauty done by Brandie Hair Culture Studio. The hairstylist layered the holo underneath. They had blended it so beautifully with the purple.

It all fades together perfectly.

Okay back to Josh.

Another totally different style of holo done by Josh. This time he focused on the roots. I love the way how he chose specific pieces of hair and touched on the ends as well.

Who knew hair could be incredible works of art?

The curls add another dimension to the holo hair.

Josh dyed it based on how it would look best curled and definitely did a really good job doing it.

Josh is quite iconic when it comes to the holo roots. I like his use of platinum as the background. It really makes the roots pop.

Holograph stylists are true artists.

Now that you’ve seen a ton of different styles, you might be inspired to go out and get holographic hair yourself. If you’re looking for a colorist you can look to salon social media or Instagram to find a holo specialist in your area.

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Source: Instagram/fabhairbyjosh, Instagram/nasty_andreeva