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Video of “old man’s advice” to live a good life resonates with millions online

March 18th, 2021

As the famous adage goes, “With old age comes wisdom.”

It is because older people have lived longer, experienced more and therefore acquired better judgment. But what people usually forget is the second half of that Oscar Wilde quote, “but sometimes age comes alone.” It is because age is not necessarily relevant to wisdom.

Both learning and growth still depend on the person themself.

Meet Bernard Albertson, who became quite famous because of his segment called “old man’s advice.”

According to Albertson, he made another video about old man’s advice again due to insistent public demand. And so he decided to share more about his life in the new video.

Albertson admitted that he quit school in tenth grade. After that, his parents abandoned him and left him on the streets.

His dire situation forced him to work in a gas refilling station to fend for himself, where he had to work for 90 hours a week.

While the back of an old car became his home for several years. And when he is hungry but penniless, he will go to a nearby grocery store to snitch an apple or orange. Something that could help him survive for that day.

Bernard Albertson is a soldier and a writer of many published books.

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He decided to join the military at the age of 17.

While in service, he taught himself to read and write because no one else will do it for him. Nor could he afford it at that moment. With a smile on his face, he can still freshly remember the first book he read as if it just happened yesterday.

It was a book by Louis L’Amour, an American novelist and short-story writer whose works became famous due to their well-researched portrayals of frontier life.

Albertson added that the book has 196 pages only, yet it took him three weeks to finish it.

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He worked hard with a dictionary to understand all the words since reading never came easy to him.

He didn’t let his past mistakes determine his future. Instead, he persevered. And after several months, he was able to read two to three books at a time.

When he left the military, that is when he began to write and educate himself better. “I even got a little bit of college,” he said, albeit sheepishly.

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As he explains, the world is tough but one must rise above their frustrations.

Another thing is everyone has financial problems, especially in times like the pandemic where everyone is suffering. But at some point, you will realize that money is the easiest problem and relationships are the hardest.

Whatever life throws at you, just keep fighting—and never be afraid to stand up after you fall.

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His words will remain with us, and it rings truer than ever.

Clearly, his words are touching countless people all around the world!

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