Woman Drops 455 Pounds In Two Years – Take A Look At Her Now
She looks incredible now!
Cedric Jackson

It’s easy to gain weight but much harder to lose it.

Imagine being hundreds of pounds overweight and unable to walk, bathe, or even stand. That was the reality of Nikki Webster. At 34 years old, she weighed more than 600 pounds and was struggling to take care of herself.

She said:

“My weight is debilitating. My body is so painful; I hate it. But I say this to myself: ‘Food is an addiction to me and my addiction is killing me.'”


She appeared on the show “My 600lb Life.”

After realizing how dangerous her weight was, she agreed to move from Arizona to Texas, so she could be closer to Dr. Nowzaradan, a weight loss surgeon who is experienced with morbidly obese operations.

Nikki was hoping that weight loss surgery would be the answer, but the doctor told her she had to lose at least 50 pounds on her own before he would even consider it. She lost the weight in three months and was approved for a gastric sleeve.

Still, she was worried that her bad habits might come back and cause her to gain the weight back. She was also worried about the surgery herself.

She explained:

“Earlier this year, my best friend Michael had a gastric bypass, and he died. That haunts me.”

Nikki Webster
Nikki Webster

Nikki was brave and went ahead with the surgery.

It was a success, and she was able to lose 207 pounds in a year. She even consulted with a therapist to get to the root of her eating problems and make sure she didn’t go back to her bad habits.

Nikki had some setbacks, but after the doctor told her she could have skin removal surgery to get rid of her excess skin if she lost more weight, she was excited to work even harder. After she lost an amazing 348 pounds, the doctor approved the skin removal surgery. They removed 56 pounds of skin.


Unfortunately, Nikki suffered some internal bleeding and had to go back into surgery a third time.

She recovered well and returned home at 236 pounds. She continued to work on her weight, and she now looks better than ever. She currently weighs 192 pounds and is healthy and happy. She is still working out and eating right.

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