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Mom Shares Ear Ache Hack That's Gone Viral

December 13th, 2018

This time of year, people tend to suffer from stuffy noses, the flu, and other illnesses. While the symptoms of being sick can make an adult miserable, it is even worse for kids – and their parents. Sniffles and an earache can lead to a night without sleep for the whole family.

At the height of the winter, one mother shared her family’s home remedy for earaches to help others find relief.

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Facebook/Echo Featherstone Source: Facebook/Echo Featherstone

Echo Featherstone learned her earache solution from her older relatives, who passed the home remedy down to the rest of the family.

Featherstone decided to make a Facebook post sharing the home remedy and how she learned it. According to Featherstone, the remedy was previously a family secret. She learned it from her mom, who had learned the trick from Aunt Mer.

Featherstone went on to let readers know that she has used this remedy hundreds of times, both for herself and her children. Throughout her life, Featherstone has been prone to ear infections as well as broken eardrums, but her method always provides pain relief.

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Facebook/Echo Featherstone Source: Facebook/Echo Featherstone

Featherstone’s solution acts very quickly, making it a great alternative or supplement to pain medications that can take a half-hour to start working.

To complete the remedy, you don’t even have to head to the store for any last-minute supplies or medicine. You just need a face cloth, a mug, and a microwave.

Of course, for the best relief, you probably should combine this home remedy with actual medication, especially if your child feels miserable.

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Facebook/Echo Featherstone Source: Facebook/Echo Featherstone

Start off by grabbing a face cloth, then heating it using hot water – as hot as you can bear to handle.

Wring out the water, then put the hot, wet cloth inside a mug. Put the whole thing in your microwave for 20 seconds. When you take it out, the cloth should be burning hot.

Now, put the open part of the mug on your child’s head, right by their ear. Make absolutely certain that the cloth doesn’t touch the skin or ear since it will be very hot and could cause burns.

According to Featherstone, the mug’s heat will relieve the pressure that has built up inside the ear. This should last long enough for you and your child to fall asleep without crying or being in pain. By the time you wake up, the pain medications will have begun working their magic.

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Facebook/Echo Featherstone Source: Facebook/Echo Featherstone

This is not the first piece of great parenting advice Featherstone has given – she actually makes a career out of it.

Featherstone created a website called Modern Parenting, complete with a presence on social media. Modern Parenting includes expert advice, a community, parenting courses, support, mindful micro-meditations, and more. Featherstone even has a few episodes of a podcast on Modern Parenting Hub.

Featherstone has certifications as a life coach and Triple P – Positive Parenting Practitioner, and she is a mindset practitioner. She also has experience working in family support and early education.

She spends her time developing as well as facilitating workshops, programs, and seminars. Featherstone’s posts on social media and her website range from helpful home remedies to promoting intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development.

On Featherstone’s social media platforms, you can find plenty of inspirational posts that go along with her experience as a Triple P practitioner and life coach, such as those about overcoming challenges.

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Instagram/@canadianmomgoddess Source: Instagram/@canadianmomgoddess

Featherstone also makes plenty of posts showing how she applies her advice in real life to have a happy, active family.

She’s posted photos of them hanging out, playing, celebrating the holidays, and more. You can catch glimpses of Featherstone’s family throughout the year, enjoying life to the maximum.

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Instagram/@canadianmomgoddess Source: Instagram/@canadianmomgoddess

The initial Facebook post was so successful that Featherstone followed it up with an instructional video below to illustrate the process.

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Also, secret group can be found here: ModernParentingHUB.com

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