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Measure the quality of your day with a 'to-be' list instead of a 'to-do' list

March 10th, 2021

We all know that there’s nothing better than relaxing at home after a busy day. Since we live in a fast-paced world, many of us forget to take a step back and just experience life as it passes by.

As you rest on your bed and let out a big sigh to signify that the day has ended, do you look back at the things that you did during your waking hours? How do you measure the quality of your day?

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A lot of us measure the quality of our day by the number of tasks that we’ve managed to cross out on our to-do list. We feel that the more things we’ve done, the better.

Another thing that comes into mind before we doze off is how well we did on a particular assignment. Sure, maybe you’ve done more work than your colleagues but deep down we think how many praises we’ve received for it. Maybe it’s some kind of self-validation, but we also measure the aspect of our day with the number of praises we’ve received.

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But what if you genuinely know that you didn’t have a good day? Your ability to sleep will be greatly affected once you look back on how things didn’t go your way and worse, regret over the things that you didn’t or forgot to do.

Is this how you measure the quality of your day or even your life? Most of us measure it with our accomplishments and how well we do – but seldom determine the value of their lives by how well we are inside.

Try thinking about your feelings or emotions on that day; how you felt and how others felt being around you. Your sense of accomplishment might change if you try to be more mindful of your emotions.

Here are some questions to ask yourself at the end of the day.

  • How was your day? Really?
  • Were you feeling peaceful and calm at certain points of your day? If so, you can give yourself lots of points for that.
  • Were you mindful and aware of the beauty around you? Did you appreciate it? Did you whisper a few words of prayerful gratitude? If so, better still.
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  • Did you seek stillness and quiet at some point for a few minutes at least? Did you take a moment to just breathe and observe the life force within you?
  • Did you smile often? Did you laugh? Did you find moments of unexpected joy? Did you seek them?
    Did you love what you were doing or most importantly did you love the people around you?

Self-reflection is the bridge to self-awareness which allows us to view our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions neutrally.

It’s also very important to not be too hard on yourself – always remember that you are not alone. Each of us is unique when it comes to progress and that the journey to not being your own enemy may be hard, but it’s definitely worth it.

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There are three simple steps to start improving the quality of your life.

  1. The first step is to be more conscious. Before drifting off to sleep, think about how you are living your life regardless of the things you get done or do not get done.
  2. Next, the doing. Of course, you will have to do something but prioritize the living component over the doing component for the upcoming 24 hours.
  3. Finally, write a to-be list instead of a to-do list, for tomorrow. It may look something like this:
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Tomorrow I will be:

  • mindful
  • aware
  • peaceful
  • a person who seeks reasons to smile and laugh
  • loving
  • appreciative
  • forgiving
  • thoughtful
  • supportive

We all have unique ways of measuring the quality of our life. Whatever that may be, always be kind to your mind and body. Just taking these simple steps and reminders can make anyone’s life more enjoyable and satisfying.

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Source: Tiny Buddha, Very Well Mind