Man learns to do wife’s makeup to keep her feeling beautiful as she goes blind
Not only are Brian and Jean couple goals, but Brian is not the only husband making such a gesture.

Men aren’t usually all that interested in makeup. And many of them tell their wives they look better without it.

But the truth is that most women don’t wear makeup to please anyone but themselves. And Brian understood that his wife Jean valued her makeup routine.

That’s why this amazing husband made the news.


The couple is well-known at their local department store. In part, it’s because that’s where Brian decided to go in order to get makeup lessons

Their goal was for him to learn how to do her makeup before she went blind and could no longer do it for herself.

If you think it sounds zany, just know Brian is not the only man to make such a sweet gesture. Check this out:

The photo that was captured of the two of them has quickly captured the hearts of internet users across the world, with over 200,ooo likes and 72,500 retweets on Twitter within weeks.

Many more tagged their loved ones to let them know that through thick and thin true love always prevails!

One person joked that “I can’t even get a text back I love them so much,” while another simply said, “That melts my heart.”

Others tagged their partners and explained that they better help them with makeup in the years ahead.

One woman put her partner on notice: “If I go blind u better study up watch some youtube tutorials, make sure I glow still.”

Oh, but we’re not done yet with the sweet couples and husbands learning makeup skills!

Des and Mona Manahan also made news in the UK when something similar happened to them. Des’ efforts went viral and caught the eye of the Karsashians’ makeup artist, who gave him a hand.

Des told a UK morning show:

“Well for me it’s just natural. I feel that any husband and wife of our age… we love each other.”

While life can present to us insurmountable challenges and right now feels particularly chaotic and challenging for so many of us, love is all around us. Little genuine moments like this can really help us remember what it means to be human and loving, honest and real.

While Jean and Mona face challenges ahead, it’s clear they’ve both got a great companion by their side.

And we’re so charmed to see the other husbands out there who are doing the same for their partners.


Nine News Australia was the first to find the Tweet about Brian and Jean from an anonymous makeup artist who no longer has a Twitter account. But we’d like to think that’s they’re living happily ever after.

We’re not sure how high they’ve raised the bar for other couples!

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