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Husband shouts "I don't recognize this woman" after wife's unbelievable makeover

December 16th, 2020

Lilliana is a sixty-six-year-old mom in Houston, Texas. She has two children who are both grown as well as a husband who she has been married to for thirty-six years. That’s a lot of life lived and plenty of time to develop a few gray hairs during it! She wasn’t feeling great about her look, but that would be changing soon enough.

It was her husband who decided to help her regain some of her youth and confidence by arranging a makeover for her as a present. It would end up being one really astounding change.

That box dye

It turns out that Lilliana had already been fighting off the salt and pepper look on her own for quite a while. She had been using a dark permanent box dye on her hair and roots every two weeks to keep her roots from showing. That was going to be a task to remove. Lifting darker shades of box hair color is no easy job. Thankfully, Kayla can work some magic of her own and was ready for the challenge.

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Makeoverguy via YouTube Source: Makeoverguy via YouTube

The hair transformation

Lilliana may be in her sixties, but she says she feels about twenty-five on the inside. All she needed was the look to match on the outside.

The crew got to work, cutting her hair into a cleaner and more defined bob.

Next would be the lifting of the dark black dye. When that miracle was complete, she needed a dark blonde tone to revitalize the color of her hair and let gray hairs blend more subtly so her roots wouldn’t need to be touched up as often.

They also worked on making her coarse and curly hair straighter and more manageable while keeping it light and bouncy. It was like she had a whole new head of hair by the time they were done.

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Makeoverguy via YouTube Source: Makeoverguy via YouTube

And new makeup

No makeover would be complete without the makeup! The MakeoverGuy magicians set to work finding the perfect tones to balance Lilliana’s olive skin and help to bring the focus to her eyes.

They did it with an ideal combination of cool-toned plums and pinks. Warm tones are usually preferred for olive skin, but cooler ones can really pop, and that’s what they were going for.

Her lips were perfectly tinted in plum, and the lines on her cheekbones were accentuated in a pink that brought out some of her best features. Of course, her eyes were the key to it all, subtly highlighted and brought out with an application of mascara to make them pop.

All she needed were some silver hoop earrings and a black blouse to complete the look.

Altogether, it brought out the side of her that she was worried she had lost but knew was still hiding somewhere inside, just waiting to reemerge.

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Makeoverguy via YouTube Source: Makeoverguy via YouTube

The reveal

Finally, it was time to let someone see the magic. When her husband entered the room, he was astounded by the change. He laughed,

“I don’t recognize this woman!”

as he hugged his wife and reveled in her new appearance. They both looked at each other like they were in love all over again.

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Makeoverguy via YouTube Source: Makeoverguy via YouTube

Are you ready to see Lilliana’s transformation for yourself?

Check out the video below!

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