Dangers And Health Effects Of Wearing Flip-Flops
Jenny Brown

Have you ever worn flip-flops before? If you’ve been to any beach in your lifetime, I’m sure you have. Flip-flops are a popular commodity nowadays, especially in the summertime. You can wear flip-flops for many reasons. They keep your feet exposed to the air, free from athlete’s foot, and are very comfortable to wear! Although there are obvious positives to wearing flip-flops, there are also not-so-obvious negatives to wearing flip-flops.

Here are the problems and health effects of wearing flip-flops that you ought to know!

Row of colorful flip flops on beach against sunny sky

You are more likely to have a foot injury.

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Unlike sneakers that provide ankle support and heel cushion, flip-flops are considered a very “loose” pair of footwear. Flip-flops are stylish to wear around, but due to lack of proper foot support, they could hurt your feet if you walk around in them for awhile. Not only that, if you happen to fall down, you are more likely to injure your feet wearing flip-flops.

Flip-flops are not meant to be worn to exercise in. Instead, they are mean to be worn casually. Watch your step and be careful whenever you wear flip-flops!

You are more exposed to skin injuries on your feet.

Although flip-flops were made with the intention to expose your feet, that means there are also cons. Flip-flops don’t cover your entire feet, so that means you are more likely to have a skin injury, based on the activity you do. If you’re rock-climbing and hit your foot, you will probably open a wound on your foot, and those are messy to deal with. Also, if you’re in the sun for a long time, you may even get a sunburn on your feet.

To make sure you avoid these skin injuries, be careful about the activities you are doing while wearing flip-flops, and always put sunscreen on your feet when you go outside!

You may potentially injure other parts of your body.

A lack of arch support in flip-flops will not only hurt your feet, but can also hurt other parts of your body. When you wear flip-flops, the experience of walking in them is different than of walking in sneakers. Because of that, you may throw off your back, hips, or even leg muscles. This all depends on how supportive your flip-flops are.

That is why you should look to find the flip-flops with the best foot support at an affordable price!

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Overall, although wearing flip-flops may have negative health effects, that should not deter you away from never wearing them again. Make sure to wear them only for casual activities. Buy the flip-flops that are not only comfortable but also offer foot support. Wear flip-flops in moderation, but still rock out in them!

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