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Frizzy haired grandma gets a makeover and changes her signature hair

March 10th, 2020

Every woman has a unique and signature style that describes her appearance, be it large sunglasses, a love for sneakers, or the perfect shade of lipstick. The way that a woman dresses is not only an extension of herself. It’s an extension of her personality and what makes her unique.

For this foxy grandma, as talk show host Rachel Ray describes her, her signature look was her large and frizzy hair. But when Rachel sends her for a makeover, she returns looking like a completely different person.

Sometimes we become so set in our ways that a simple makeover can breathe new life into us.

Let’s see how this sexy grandma transformed!


A wild spirit

Just because Lisa is a grandma does not mean that she doesn’t have a wild spirit at heart. Lisa takes physical fitness very seriously and goes to the gym five times a week! Rachel describes her figure as stunning, and it’s easy to agree with that assessment.

But when she is not at the gym or spending time with her grandchildren, she is out on the road with her boyfriend, Andrew, letting the wind sweep through her hair as the motorcycle roars along the open roads.

Lisa definitely looks the part: dressed in typical biker leather with the large, frizzy 80s hairdo to match.


The stylist’s opinion

Susan Lucci, the stylist mastermind behind Lisa’s transformation, explains that

“It’s so important to express yourself.”

This is why, when she orchestrated the makeover, she did not want to alter Susan’s natural spirit in any way.

She explained,

“I do not want to take you out of your comfort zone. I want to keep the sexy vibe.”

Instead, she wanted to change her look, make it a bit edgier, dial it down a little, and change it up without compromising her personal style.


The big reveal

The greatest part about Lisa’s transformation backstage is that neither Andrew nor herself has seen any part of the transformation. So, when Lisa is called from backstage, she has no idea how she looks now.


When Lisa walks onto the stage, she looks like a completely different person – more elegant and stylish while remaining sexy. The crowd immediately cheers and erupts with applause, and her boyfriend, Andrew, is left smiling at the transformation.

Rachel cannot believe how Lisa looks now! She stares at her bewildered and wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open while Susan smiles broadly at her excellent work.


Lisa is glowing with happiness in her new elegant flowing black shirt, leather pants, and sexy stilettos. But the biggest change is that her large and frizzy hair is now cut into an elegant and neat bob. Rachel even says that she looks like a movie star!

When asked if she is curious as to how she looks now, Lisa responds by saying,

“I’ve been dying all day!”

When she turns around, she is definitely in for a big surprise.

When Lisa sees herself on screen, she is in complete disbelief. Immediately she lifts her hands to her mouth and laughs in happiness. She hugs Susan and thanks to her for her amazing transformation.


“Today was one of the greatest days of my life,”

Lisa says with complete appreciation.

Now it is time for her and Andrew to hit the town and show off her new look!

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Rachael Ray Show via YouTube