Cardiologist gives 11 simple tips for a healthy morning routine
How many of these do you do every morning? 🤔
Jesi Halprin
Our health is one variable of life we have some sense of control over. Although we can’t prevent certain diseases and injuries, we can take simple steps each day to improve our quality of life.

Dr. Willie Ong, a cardiologist and internalist has amassed 5.75 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making videos with health and wellness advice.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Many of Dr. Willie Ong’s videos start with him wishing his viewers a good day.

Whether intentional or not, his videos make it feel like he is your friend talking directly to you. Many of the comments on his channel are wishing Doc Willie a good morning!

In this video, the good doctor gives 11 tips to help set you up for a good day.

Most of the tips are simple, and some people already do each morning—even so, he lays them out in a way everyone can understand.

Starting your morning right can lead to a more productive and enjoyable day. To have a better morning, you need to start the night before with a good night’s sleep. This is the first tip from Doc Willie, who says:
“If you didn’t sleep well at night, then you won’t be feeling great in the morning.”

The first few tips are as follows:

1. Sleep well
2. Don’t stand up suddenly upon waking up
3. Gently stretch your arms, legs, and neck
4. Urinate while sitting down (for men)
Everyone knows what it’s like to wake up feeling unrested, and no amount of coffee can make up for a lousy night of sleep.

If you wake up rested, you’ll be more inclined to perform other healthy tasks to get the day started.

Doc Willie’s videos have been making their rounds on Facebook for years, but since the pandemic started in March 2020, people have taken to the videos as a source for learning about wellness.

From how to drink water properly to the benefits of eating bananas, his videos cover various topics.

Other tips from his morning routine video include not standing up suddenly after waking up and taking time to stretch and get the blood flowing in your body.

Stretching is one of the most beneficial things everyone can do daily, and can help reduce stress, prevent back injuries, and keep you flexible as you get older.

The next few tips are as follows:

5. Drink one of two glasses of warm water in the morning
6. Eat a healthy breakfast
7. Wash your face with soap and water
8. Brush your teeth
Two of the tips Doc Willie includes in the video are drinking water and eating a balanced breakfast. These are two things many people are taught from a young age, but as we get older, we seem to forget the importance of eating breakfast!

You might be thinking that these tips seem obvious, but how many days do you do all of the steps outlined in the video?

Finally, he has three more to follow:

9. Move your body
10. Read inspirational quotes
11. Be thankful for this day

The last thing he says is: “as you begin your day, share positive words and energy to the people around you.”

We can’t agree more with Doc Willie—spreading positivity and good energy is a great way to start each morning!
YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Be sure to watch the full video below to get all of Dr. Willie Ong health tips!

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By Jesi Halprin
Jesi Halprin is a contributor at SBLY Media.