10 minuscule pairs of shorts that made men feel fashionable in the 70s
It turns out men showed some serious leg back in the day!

They say fashion is cyclical, but one trend that hasn’t circled back around from the 1970s is men in short shorts. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Sometimes, the inseams would measure 4 inches or less! Those are basically hotpants. Yikes!

We found photographic proof in case you don’t believe us, have forgotten, or just don’t have any photos you can use to blackmail your male relatives who were stylish in the 70s.

1. Fore! (inch shorts)

Who wears short shorts?…My dad while golfing in the 70’s

We’ve seen some awkward golf garb, but we thought short shorts were reserved for the basketball court when it came to athletics. Guess not!

2. Showing some skin

So much for “no shirts, no shoes, no service.” These guys are missing part of the equation – as well as half their pants.

3. He’s got legs

“My dad wearing booty shorts and singing karaoke in the 1970’s” by Avachan in OldSchoolCool

This guy did not skip leg day. And it’s a good thing since he’s showing so much of them!

4. Whose shorts are shorter?

My dad and his girlfriend in 1976. I think his shorts are shorter than hers.

One Redditor posted this picture of their father and his girlfriend in the mid-1970s. You might have to squint to figure out whose shorts offer the most coverage.

5. Big man, little shorts

My Dads mini fro and short shorts, you gotta love the 70’s

Looking at this photo of one Redditor’s father from the 1970s, my first thought is he could kick my butt. Frankly, I don’t even know how he managed to squeeze into those tiny shorts.

6. Fresh friends

Do you think these guys just got hot one day and decided to cut their jeans at the same time? Fun group activity!

7. There’s a lot going on here

Back in 1978, the height of cool was a long-haired dude with tiny shorts and knee socks. Oh, of course, he also had a handlebar mustache and a groovy car.

8. Are those even pants?

Do those really count as something besides underwear? Imagine your dad busting this photo out of the photo album!

9. Daring dad

We think women are the only ones who like to take glamour shots, but it turns out we just stole this trick from guys in the 70s!

10. Don’t his parents look proud?

Once again, it’s not only women who leave the house in clothing that surprises their parents. This guy might have gotten a little too excited with the scissors!


Welp! That was a bit more skin than we needed to see.

But just remember that no matter what you think about someone else’s clothing today, chances are there were more embarrassing looks in the past!

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By Jessica
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