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5 ways to tell a man is emotionally attached to you and not just physically attached

June 15th, 2021

Are you searching for love? If so, just remember that you deserve a man who’s the full package. That means he doesn’t have a problem becoming both emotionally and physically attached to you.

Struggling to commit

You could talk to hundreds of women and hear the same story. A gal meets a great guy, someone who makes it known that he finds them physically attractive. But for some reason, he can’t take that next step of becoming emotionally attracted to them.

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Experts weigh in

According to top relationship experts, men have a hard time committing for one of eight reasons, all having to do with a fear of something. The first four include rejection, being smothered or controlled, that the other person can’t love them, and not measuring up. The other four are being discovered, trust, growing up, and making the right decision.

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Why you deserve emotional and physical commitment

There are also specific reasons why you want a man who can commit emotionally and physically. Look, no one is perfect. But even so, everyone deserves the best out of love.

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Number one – a man wants to see you more

If a guy says this to you, it shows that he’s genuinely interested in getting to know more about you. Someone who can only physically commit would never say that. To see you more often requires some degree of emotional attachment, especially if it requires him to travel a good distance to where you live.

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Number two – he’s concerned whether you’re having fun or not

As one expert puts it, if a man can’t or doesn’t want to get emotionally involved, they won’t care if the other person is having fun or not. If a man asks you this question, it shows he’s eager to please. You want someone who cares about your emotions.

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Number three – he offers to help you

In some ways, you could think of this as chivalry. A man who offers to help you carry in groceries, wash your car, walk the dog, and so on, is more interested in you emotionally than physically. Besides, this is a great quality to find in a man.

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Number four – he wants to stay with you after being intimate

When you’re with a man who’s not willing to attach emotionally, he’ll leave almost immediately after the two of you have an intimate connection. Instead, you want and deserve someone who wants to stick around. This is a good indicator that the person likes you both physically and emotionally.

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Number five – he says the three big words

You know the ones, “I love you.” Most men won’t go that far unless they see potential between the two of you. The type of man you want to be with is someone who can let down their guard to the point of expressing their feelings.

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Don’t ever settle

Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks in the world. But on the flip side, good men also exist. Start by determining what it is you want out of a relationship and then don’t settle for anything less.

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While it might take a little bit of time to find the right man, it’s better to be particular and patient than to end up with someone who hurts you. The five things mentioned are, at a minimum, what you should look for in a man who’s willing and able to commit to you 100 percent.

To learn more about these reasons, check out the video below.

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