15 quirky tattoos that will inspire you to think about some ink
Even if you're not considering body art, it's hard not to appreciate how cool some of these are.

Not all tattoos are created equal. But when they’re good, they can be really good.

The art of tattooing is around 12,000 years old! So there’s clearly something that has always drawn humans to decorate their bodies permanently.


Of course, you don’t need to desire one for yourself to appreciate the body art of others. So even if tattoos aren’t for you, if you’ve got an eye for the creative, you’ll probably enjoy taking a peek.

For inspiration, here are some creative and unique tattoo designs that give a new spin to the art of inked skin.

1. Remaking a scar

Fish Bones, done by Trevor Varem, Mission Tattoo Parlour, Calgary Alberta from tattoos

Why would someone get this as a tattoo? Well, the scar was already there – but now it’s a fish skeleton.

You’ve got to make the best of what you have to work with! After all, many tattoos are about being rebellious – and what better to rebel against than bad luck?

2. That clever cat

Cheshire tat from pics

Here’s another example of a fluorescent ink tattoo. This time it’s a creative mix between special and regular ink to create this Alice in Wonderland-inspired disappearing Cheshire cat design.

It’s such a cool concept that we found another one as well:

3. Expecto Patronum!

My UV patronus tattoo. from harrypotter

While you probably will never receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail, you can still have some “magic” by having a tattoo done with fluorescent ink.

The unique ink would make the tattoo only visible when it glows under a blacklight.

4. Self-awareness

Entropy by [email protected], NYC from tattoos

In physics, entropy is a thermodynamic property that represents the lack of thermal energy for conversion to mechanical work. But the word has also entered common usage to pertain to a “lack of order or predictability.”

Although scientists have trouble visualizing the concept in their work, this tattoo perfectly captures the word’s common usage meaning.

5. Constellations

Space dog chasing space cat work done by Pain Sadler of Hardkore Ink Salem, Ohio from tattoos

Give a twist to generic tattoos of animals by adding unexpected design elements such as the space theme this tattoo artist incorporated in this adorable design of a dog chasing a cat.

It’s really stellar.

6. Shadows of the future

Cool tattoo from pics

Because of their permanence, tattoos are a great way to have motivational reminders during times of distress or hopelessness.

Take cues from this clever shadow design that perfectly captures hope for what you may someday become.

7. All around the world

Arm band to commemorate a year traveling the world. Artist:Hanzi at Bloody Ink studio, Kuala Lampur from tattoos

Got the travel bug? Document your adventures permanently onto yourself, so you can take the memories with you wherever you go, even if it’s raining.

Is there anywhere you’ve been that’s worthy of a tat?

8. The human and the divine

My first tattoo. Creation of adam. Daniel Reese @ Zodiac Tattoo. Fayetteville, AR. from tattoos

You can always borrow design ideas from your favorite paintings to personalize your tattoo.

Sometimes, there’s already the perfect piece out there just waiting for you.

9. Cartoon minimalist

This Simpsons tattoo from pics

Were you able to guess what this was before reading the title? We can’t blame you.

This is the kind of well-thought-out and creative tattoo that a lot of planning and thinking gets you, so don’t rush your design process. It’s also rather minimalist.

10. Laidback

This tattoo from pics

When his arms are engaged, the chair is up. When they’re relaxed, it’s laid back.

We’re not sure who would want an ergonomic desk chair tattoo, but the execution sure is cool.

11. Battle for the heart

The plague doctor was started before covid started, I swear. Done by Casper at Iconic Tattoo in Detroit. from tattoos

There’s an interesting battle going on here. But the anatomical artistry of the heart is what really gets us.

And the plague doctor is pretty timely (unfortunately).

12. Patchwork

Patchwork style Banjo Kazooie tattoo. Done at Authentic Ink Sydney by min from tattoos

Wow, this is incredible. This is all ink!

It really does look like an ironed-on patch.

13. Which path to choose?

My shoulder Kronks by Peter Ferguson at Funhouse Tattoo (Vancouver, B.C.) from tattoos

We all have those naughty and nice inner voices egging us on every now and then. But this guy had them tattooed on his back.

An interesting reminder – as long as you don’t mix up what side they’re on.

14. Optical illusion

My arm will now make people dizzy forever! Impossible Trident done by Chewy at Wyld Chyld (Merrick, NY) from tattoos

It’s trippy to look at – and yet we can’t stop staring.

Then again, there are lots of people confused by creativity.

15. We are family

family portrait by teddy at Baneul in nyc :) i absolutely adore it. from tattoos

The faces never come out quite right anyway. And the outlines of memories are what we retain in our minds (and in this case, on the skin).


We just loved these cool tattoos. We’re not in the market for body art, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the artistry at work here.


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By Jessica
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