15 people whose hilarity outshines their disabilities
These folks have an amazing sense of humor.

We have to play the hand we’re dealt in life when it comes to being differently-abled.

And that’s not easy considering the world is built for the able-bodied. People often don’t appreciate just how hard it is.

But despite the struggles they experience, these 15 people maintained a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor.

We can see why they wake up with a smile.

1. What arrr you looking at?

After a Redditor’s grandfather lost his foot, he emerged for the first time to meet his family in a pirate hat.

Honestly, the pirate jokes never get old as long as the amputee is the one making them.

2. Oh, my leg!

My friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. This was his April fools joke to the kids playing in the park.

When a Redditor’s friend lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, he began making the best of it with pranks like this April Fool’s Day joke in a local park. And we just wish we could have seen the looks on the faces of bystanders.

3. The bitter truth


We laugh at her shirt and cry for ourselves – because sometimes it feels so true. One commenter summed up the reactions to this photo perfectly, saying: “I love how accurate this is that everyone, no matter the Country, is all, ‘Yep.’”

4. Ahoy, mateys!

All aboard

“Crip” (as in “cripple”) is a word reserved for other differently-abled people (meaning you don’t get to use it if it doesn’t apply to you). But you can still laugh at this vanity plate.

5. Bionic swap

Met Another Bionic and Decided To Swap Limbs

These two amputees decided to swap limbs for a little photoshoot. They make quite the mismatched pair!

6. You “complete” me

They say opposites attract, right? This guy found his new “girlfriend” at the mall and decided they just “completed” each other.

7. Trick or treat

To be fair, it’s a lot easier to smell your feet when you can take them off. We just hope this guy bought the sign. That’s an amazing trick to play on Halloween.

8. T-rex flex

This man’s arthrogryposis means his arms are too short for most sweater sleeves. But he managed to find his spirit animal in the T-rex, making this sweater fit (the situation, at least) perfectly.

9. But I’m happy!

Imgur - UselessMelody
Imgur - UselessMelody

This poor guy lost an arm and then broke his other hand. But at least he’s got the funniest t-shirt around.

10. Throne on wheels

Some of the best visual humor for those with disabilities takes place on Halloween.

This didn’t just make us smile, we’re also in awe of how awesome the whole setup is!

11. Vacation tan

This amputee posted this photo saying that he was going to varnish his leg so that everyone thought he had been to the beach on vacation. We just hope the other one matches!

12. South Parking

If you know Jimmy from South Park you also know the wheelchair-bound Timmy.

Could you keep yourself from laughing if you saw this license plate while on the road?

13. Leggo my leg…oh

Reddit - 1leggedcrow
Reddit - 1leggedcrow

This guy built himself a Lego leg while waiting for his real one to be built. While we doubt it improved his mobility, we admire the creativity.

14. Why isn’t it working?

I snickered.

This amputee is angling for a refund after all that false advertising. What’s it supposed to restore if not hands? Those grow back, right?

15. Oops

Clever tattoo done by one of my facebook friends.

We couldn’t help but laugh at this sassy tattoo.

While injuries are never funny, it’s ok to find humor in people’s way of coping with them (so long as they’re meant to amuse).


You’ve gotta love people who can laugh in the face of anything.

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