15 of the ugliest design fails we’ve ever seen
We know not everyone has good taste, but we never realized it could be so bad!

Everyone has different taste in clothing and design – and that’s ok. But sometimes people go a little overboard and that’s when we get into things that most people can agree are downright ugly or unfortunate.

From a pizza wedding dress to a snot-like egg separator, here are 15 of the worst designs we’ve seen on Instagrams @uglydesign recently:

1. Snot, anyone?

Could this image be any more unappetizing? Probably not. Someone in this world paid money for that thing.

2. Toe Bed

Ewww, dude. Sorry, can’t get on board with this. This is a nightmare.

3. Pit of gold

This is another repellant design. It adds gold balls to the underarms of a t-shirt. It looks like BO stains.

4. Shoe chair despair

You’d think if they made a shoe chair it would at least be a pretty shoe. This has to be in a shoe store or something. Imagine if you walked into someone’s living room and saw the shoe chair.

5. Something’s fishy

What are those supposed to be? Frogs? Fish? Regardless, they’re terrible.

6. That’s a handful

If we’re going to be forced to constantly rub chemicals on our hands, we might as well get a good laugh out of it. This helps a little, even though it’s gross.

7. Toe Toothbrushes

Toes and toothbrushes should have nothing to do with each other. At least we hope not.

8. What a croc

This shoe doesn’t is comfortable yet sexy. That’s pretty a pretty crazy combo. They’re not as bad-looking as you’d think they’d be.

9. Pizza Bride

I mean, I love pizza. I really really love pizza. But I don’t love pizza that much.

10. Take a peek

I see London, I see France. Oh, wait, no I don’t. I just see a bare butt!

11. Wide load

No, this person didn’t just take a dump in their pants. It’s pajamas with a built-in seat. You just plop your ass down where you are.

12. Oops

This mug design clearly wasn’t well thought out. It stabs you in the eye when you try to drink out of it. Not sure you’d be able to drink out of it the opposite way either. Bad form.

13. Pants or no pants?

Is she wearing pants? Technically, yes. If you look at her ankles you’ll see that she is actually wearing pants. But she might as well not be.

14. Shaggy Chair

Someone gave their couch a bowl cut. Or a toupee. Either way, this is ugly.

15. Morbid “fashion”

We have no words. Except “eww.”

Seriously, what are people thinking?


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By Jessica
Jessica is a contributor at SBLY Media.