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15 fashion disasters that we tried to appreciate but just couldn’t

June 23rd, 2021

Style is subjective.

What’s fashionable to one person might look like a hot mess to another. But putting generational preferences and cultural differences aside, some people are just flat-out bizarre when it comes to their clothing choices.

These 15 people made us do a double-take. And while we’re all for creating your own unique style, we’re just not sure what these folks were thinking!

1. Crazy crochet

Thanks Grandma from itscalledfashion

Be glad if your grandmother knits you a sweater that’s actually wearable. It could obviously be so much worse!

2. But why?

The most horrifying shirt ever created (x-post /r/ funny) from CrappyDesign

Color us confused and a little repulsed by this onesie.

To be fair, any onesie is bad, but this is next-level.

3. Practical

This might ruffle some feathers… from itscalledfashion

Well, it’s pretty, it just doesn’t seem very practical. And while runway fashion isn’t always supposed to be wearable, we don’t even know how she got on and off the stage without falling.

4. Why?

Bad sight. from itscalledfashion

Umm. So, there’s the obvious issue of not being able to see, but we’re also curious what this accessory is even supposed to accomplish.

How are we supposed to feel about this?!

5. Feeling froggy

Frog boots? from itscalledfashion

Hey, we like weird shoes. But these are something else.

And they’re more than a little disturbing.

6. So metal

My new shirt is Metal AF from funny

So maybe you’re hardcore but you really like Celine Dion. This shirt is the answer!

7. Ballet casual

You no longer must choose between jeans and tutus from itscalledfashion

Well, these are interesting. Hideous, but interesting.

Just make a choice – pants or a tulle skirt! Sometimes you can have it all but should still choose not to.

8. Why wear pants at all?

Rick owens is a goldmine from itscalledfashion

We get it, high fashion can be weird. And we appreciate that.

But last time we checked the point of pants (even furry ones with hooves attached) was to cover your underwear.

9. Also not pants

Wouldn’t want all that glute work in the gym to go unnoticed. from itscalledfashion

Ok, we give us. Maybe WE just don’t understand what pants are for.

Just one question – do you sit down in these in public?

10. Ouch

When you lied on ur tinder profile about ur height… from itscalledfashion

Well, we have to hand it to them. We really didn’t think there was a way to make women’s shoes MORE uncomfortable.

11. Friends forever

Buddies For Life from itscalledfashion

Serious question: Is there anyone you like this much?

12. Toasty!

When your grandma goes a little overboard on the knitting from itscalledfashion

Yikes – that’s kind of a waste of yarn.

And how do you go to the bathroom?

13. Bandana-rama

When Just A Bandana Isn’t Enough from itscalledfashion

Wow, this guy really likes bandanas. Do you think he made this outfit himself?

14. So cuddly

Life is very different with 120 teddy bears 🧸 from itscalledfashion

That’s an interesting way to take your comfort toys around with you all day.

Pardon us if we don’t find him very huggable in this though.

15. Straw man

Lovely tailored suit from itscalledfashion

We hope this guy isn’t a salesman, because we definitely don’t want to buy what he’s selling!


We love fashion and can appreciate it when it’s a little off-kilter, but these are just bizarro!

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Source: Reddit – r/itscalledfashion, Reddit – r/WTF