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10+ inspiring before and after photos of incredible weight loss transformations

June 15th, 2021

Losing weight isn’t an easy task. It takes great attention to nutrition and motivation to be consistent with exercise. From losing 10 pounds to 100 pounds, any amount of weight loss to become healthier and happier is an incredible feat. And these people went the extra mile.

Here are 12 inspiring before and after photos of people’s weight loss journeys. They are such amazing role models!

None of them said it was easy…but all of them said it was worth it.

1. Exercise Is Powerful Medicine. From 234lbs To 128lbs.

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locomotivator Source: locomotivator

Exercise is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. It can also completely transform your body like this amazing woman found out. She lost over 100 pounds.

2. Simone Lost An Inspiring 92 Kilos.

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simone_anderson Source: simone_anderson

The before and after pictures speak for themselves. Simone put the work in and got the results. She pushed through the pain in order to realize her true potential.

3. Exactly Three Years Ago Versus Today. 600 Pounds To 230 Pounds.

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VSGinny Source: VSGinny

Her original goal was just to get down to 250, but she actually exceeded it by 20 pounds! It’s incredible how much of a difference three years can make. Her total weight loss in that time period was 370 pounds.

4. I Lost 153 Pounds In One Year.

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pinebeltdesign Source: pinebeltdesign

This man decided to go the surgery route to help him control his hunger and allow him to eat like a “normal person”. It turned out to be the best decision ever. It made such a massive difference for him.

5. Through Thick And Thin.

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SeanABennett Source: SeanABennett

She loved him for him, even with the extra weight. They both chose each other for all the right reasons. However, we are willing to bet neither of them is complaining about their new figures.

6. Those Size 26 Shorts That Dug Into To My Belly.

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slimmingworld_jsg Source: slimmingworld_jsg

Exactly two years later, she can be seen wearing the same size 26 shorts all over again. This time, though, they fit completely differently. They definitely aren’t digging into her belly anymore!

7. 170 Lbs Down (One Year Progress).

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smnelson Source: smnelson

We love inspiring progress pictures like these. In addition to starting weightlifting, he also changed up his meal times. He went from eating three larger meals per day to eating several smaller meals instead. He believes this strategy helped to keep his metabolism constantly burning fat.

8. ‘Tis The Season For Weight Loss.

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queen_b_b Source: queen_b_b

New mom Betsy has a pretty intense story. After she found out her husband was cheating on her and called her a cow behind her back, she was driven to make a big change. She lost 100 pounds and left him.

9. So I Could Make Sure To Be The Best Mom I Could Be.

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andy_isaac_ Source: andy_isaac_

She started her weight loss journey so she could be the best mom she could possibly be for her beautiful daughter. She lost five times the weight of the little baby girl in the first photo. Her daughter weighed 30 pounds at the time, so that means she lost a total of 150!

10. 10 Month Transformation.

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Teekay99 Source: Teekay99

His expression in the before picture says everything — he knew he needed to lose the weight. He finally got angry enough to follow through and do something about it. In just 10 months, he changed his life.

11. From A Size 26 To A Size 8.

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Georgia Ailes Source: Georgia Ailes

It cost her £90,000 to achieve her new look, but we have to say it worked out well for her. The surgeon sculpted her into a whole new woman. Judging by her giant smile in the after picture, she is very pleased with how things turned out too.

12. Arms And Legs Are Smaller But I Still Have The Same Size Smile!

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cPharoah Source: cPharoah

At 23 years old, this stunning young woman decided to start tracking what she ate, running, and lifting weights. In 7.5 months, she managed to lose over 48 pounds. Instead of the weight, she now has two half marathons under her belt.

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