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12 Exercises To Tighten Your Glutes And Thighs In 1 Week

March 15th, 2018

You don’t need a Kim K. booty or soccer player thighs to look and feel good – you just need a body you’re proud of. Fortunately, sculpting a form you’re happy to show off doesn’t require a lot of time, money or effort. All you need is 15 minutes, one week and a bit of motivation.

With a little bit of help from the internet, our team at Shareably has found 12 exercises that are guaranteed to yield results in one week. Of course, you have to perform the exercises correctly, and though you don’t need to go on a full-blown diet, you will see the most results when you give a bit of thought to what you put in your body. If you’re ready to tone your butt and legs, do these 12 exercises daily for one week:

1. The Basic Squat

There is no better workout for your butt and thighs than the traditional squat. To make sure you’re doing them right, squat to a chair.

2. Squat With Kickbacks

Better than the basic squat, the squat kickback is like a double workout for your rear-end. Squat as normal, then, as you stand, kick one leg back. If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel like you’re dancing…until you feel the burn. Alternate sides for each squat.

3. Oblique Squat

Don’t let your abs feel left out! This squat requires you to squat with your hands behind your head. As you’re standing, raise one knee to your elbow for a double workout. Alternate sides for each squat you do.

4. Narrow Squat

This one is a real bruiser, but it works! Put your thighs together and then squat to really give your buttocks a workout.

5. Sumo Squat

This another one that strengthens both the abdominal muscles and the glutes. Move your feet to more than shoulders’ width apart, rotate them out at an angle and then squat. If you feel like a sumo wrestler, you know you’re doing it right.

6. Reaching Sumo Squats

Use the same technique above, except this time, reach down with your hands as you squat, and then reach up high as you rise.

7. Jump Squat

This one may be a workout, but it’s fun! If you don’t take enough time to jump on trampolines, this will give you your childish fix and tone your butt muscles. Squat as usual, then jump up instead of coming to a slow stand. Fun, right?

8. Pistol Squat

And you thought the narrow squat was bad. To perform the pistol squat, put more weight on one leg, and then slowly squat with that leg. Raise the other leg while you’re going down. Don’t squat too low, as you may lose your balance. Alternate legs after each squat.

9. Split Squat

Many of you may know this type of squat as “lunges.” This exercise strengthens the butt muscles, thigh muscles and calve muscles. Slowly step forward with one leg while squatting at the same time. Do the same with the other leg.

10. Curtsey Squat

This squat involves many muscles, including your abdomens. Perform the sumo squat, and when you’re in squat position, move one leg back and one leg forward. Twist. You may feel like a pretzel, but you’ll be a very fit pretzel.

11. Isometric Squat With Toe-Taps

This squat is referred to as the “booty-burn” because it requires all of your muscles to be tight to perform. Squat as normal, then reach one leg out to the side. Tap your toe, and then bring it back to squat position and repeat with the other leg. Raise to standing position, then repeat.

12. Pop Squat

Though your body may feel relief doing this squat after performing the isometric squat, the pop squat is still a muscle burner. Squat as normal, and then pop into a standing position.

Make the most of your workout and follow this week-long training program. Let us know how the program works out for you on our Facebook page!

Day 1

Repeat Twice

Basic Squat = 10 Times

Squat With Kickbacks = 5 Times Each Leg

Day 2

Repeat Twice

Sumo Squat = 10 Times

Reaching Sumo Squat = 10 Times

Day 3

Repeat Twice

Oblique Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

Pop Squat = 10 Times

Day 4

Repeat Twice

Narrow Squat = 10 Times

Pistol Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

Day 5

Repeat Twice

Curtsey Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

Split Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

Day 6

Repeat Twice

Isometric Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

Pop Squat = 10 Times

Day 7

Repeat Twice

Sumo Squat = 10 Times

Oblique Squat = 5 Times Each Leg

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Source: Bright Side