10 people with beautiful, unique features
Celebrate diversity by expanding your definition of beauty.

Traditional standards of beauty are a thing of the past. People are now deciding for themselves what is beautiful. No longer is looking like everyone else desirable.

These days, more and more people are celebrating their uniqueness. People are even celebrating things that would have previously have been perceived as imperfections. In fact, unusual features have become in fashion.

Here are 55 people whose unique features are something to be celebrated:

1. When Skin Conditions Are Beautiful

Posted by Sem Kobelyan onSaturday, May 9, 2020

This lovely man has a skin condition known as vitiligo. It causes your skin to lose pigment in certain areas. Most people see it as a “disease” or something that’s wrong with the skin but this man is uniquely beautiful.

2. Eyecolor… Loading


Most people have eyes that are just one solid color. But this man has a left eye that is about 1/3 grey. It looks like his eye color is loading.

3. A beauty

This African American girl’s light skin and eyes are a result of albinism, a condition that eliminates pigment from hair, skin, and eyes.

Her Instagram page says she aims to be “Encouraging youth and young adults to embrace their unique difference!”

4. Charging Up


This woman makes her bionic arm look cool as hell. She looks like a badass superhero. In a cute dress.

5. Blue and Brown

This handsome man was born with heterochromia. It makes the irises of his eyes different colors. The condition doesn’t stop him from being a model, it actually helps.

6. Full Front Freckles


This model has a full face of freckles. It’s truly incredible. What a stunning look.

7. Introvert on the Inside, Extrovert on the Outside

Facebook - Vitiligo is Beautiful
Facebook - Vitiligo is Beautiful

This woman says she is an introvert. However, God made her look like an extrovert with her colorful skin. And let’s not forget those striking eyes.

8. Modelesque

Here we have Kate Grant, she’s a model. She’s also one of the new faces of Benefit Cosmetics. She also has Down syndrome.

9. Beautiful Eyes Without Sound

Posted by Afro-Up onTuesday, July 9, 2019

These beautiful-eyed babes have Waardenburg syndrome. It creature there beautiful blue colored eyes. But it also causes deafness.

10. Beards Are Beautiful

Harnaam Kaur is a body-positive and anti-bullying activist. She has polycystic ovary syndrome which causes an imbalance of hormones that makes her grow excessive body hair.

“Long gone are the days when bearded ladies were thrown into freak shows and made to work in circuses,” she writes on Twitter. “Fuck that!”


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all know the that most important “beholder” is yourself.

So celebrate your unique features – people will follow your lead!

If you want to see some more unique beauties, see the video below:

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Source: YouTube – The Things Celebrity, Facebook – AfroUp

By Jessica
Jessica is a contributor at SBLY Media.