We all remember Vaporub being rubbed on our chests as kids to help us deal with awful colds. Vaporub is an item universally found at the back of medicine cabinets and drugstore shelves. It’s a mix of eucalyptus oil, menthol, and camphor that works great as a decongestant.

What most of us don’t know is that this little pot of wonder has so many different uses. Ones we often overlook. Check out this list and try these Vaporub hacks!

Soothe That Headache

A favorite Vaporub hack is for when you have a headache. Try rubbing some onto your temples to relieve some of the pressure. This should provide some fast and effective pain relief. If you continue to be impeded by an annoying sinus headache, take deep breaths of Vaporub.

The menthol/eucalyptus/camphor ointment is a heady mix but it should help alleviate your pain. It’s a great alternative to medicine but if those headaches persist, go see a doctor.