As we get older our inside body parts start the decline. While we should take care of our inside organs, we sometimes forget the largest organ of all of our bodies, our skin. It can show signs of age like wrinking and sagging.

Did you know that you should avoid the sun as much as possible if you have gray hair? Or that you should avoid power if your skin is wrinkled? Continue to read for more various beauty tips that can keep you looking younger.

Avoid Using Powder As Much As You Can

For example, did you know that women over 60 should stop using powdered make-up, especially if your skin is oily? The powder can settle into fine lines and make wrinkles more visible. It also can make your complexion look more dull and your pores more easily visible.

Skin that is moisturized looks younger, so adding a little shine can give a more natural and glowing appeal. If you feel the shine is a little excessive, then only add powder to the cheeks, chin, and forehead where oil can collect more often.