25+ Hilarious Tattoos That Didn't Quite Turn Out The Way People Intended

Tattoos have made a huge comeback in the last 20-30 years, and the number of tattoo parlors and brilliantly colored beings flaunting their artist’s work have been growing exponentially. Just because business is booming, though, does not mean that talent resides in everyone who picks up a tattoo machine. Like with most things in life, not all artists are created equal.

This is made evident nowhere more than the tattoo removal industry, which is raking in cash by the billions each year as people scramble their money together to get their tats removed. Whether it’s for a new job, or because their once-loved skin mural has become unappealing to them in light of the later years of maturity, people are shelling out roughly $400 bucks per square inch to erase that name or image forever.

With over 45 million people in America alone walking around with tattoos on their body, there are plenty of botched art jobs out there. Thankfully, a lot of these people still have their sense of humour and have shared pictures of their tattoo fails with us on the internet. With thousands out there to choose from, here’s 20+ photos of the most epically hilarious tattoo fails!