Most diseases and conditions come with obvious symptoms, with most of them seemingly innocent warning signs a lot of people wished they hadn’t ignored. No one wants to spend for the hospital or be a burden to loved ones, but serious conditions usually show no symptoms and so cannot always be avoided.

Redditors shared health issues they should have looked into sooner. Many of these symptoms resemble other conditions or were even misdiagnosed as something else. Take a look and read well. Lives are on the line. Could be yours.

Atypical Migraines

From Redditor /u/buttershovel:

My sister started to get frequent migraines just after she turned 22. Frustrated, she did look into it – they happened more and more often. She went to the doctor, who waved it off as stemming from stress (her husband had just been sent to Afghanistan). My mom pushed for a CT scan, which the doctor said was unnecessary. My sister went home without any kind of prescription and a suggestion to come back in a few months if it persisted.

Well, a few weeks later, she had a massive seizure. Got taken to the emergency room where doctors discovered a tumor in her brain and diagnosed her with a rare form of brain cancer. She died within a year.