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UPS driver saves dog and delivers him to safety

June 27th, 2019

We totally understand that some people can be so cruel sometimes. But to a poor, hapless puppy? Unthinkable!

This is exactly what happened to a three-month-old Cairn Terrier who was left by its owner in the middle of a busy roadway. Yes, of all the places to abandon a tiny animal!

What was the owner thinking? Was there was any remorse or guilt whatsoever from the dog’s owner? There was a strong possibility that the little dog would be killed by an oncoming vehicle.

We doubt they were thinking of anyone but themselves. Luckily, not everyone in life is so heartless.

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Hughson Police Services Via Facebook Source: Hughson Police Services Via Facebook

Light at the end of the tunnel

A UPS delivery driver was doing going about his route as usual in Hughson, California when he saw the entire thing happen right in front of him.

Disgusted by what he had just witnessed, he did not hesitate to rescue the puppy from the road and bring the little guy to somewhere safer before he could be hit by an oncoming car.

Unfortunately, the delivery driver wasn’t able to catch the car’s plate number – perhaps because his attention was fully focused on rescuing the puppy before anything else.

The kind-hearted UPS driver, Jason Harcrow, almost jumped out of his skin when he thought he dog would be hit by the car he had been following. It was close, but luckily the tires avoided the small animal.

He told KTVU:

“I thought the car in front of me was going to hit it, then it went underneath mine and I’m looking out the mirrors and I had seen it dodging under my big tires.”

Jason immediately put the scared animal in the UPS truck and delivered him the nearest police station, which, in turn, contacted animal services.

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Hughson Police Services Via Facebook Source: Hughson Police Services Via Facebook

New home, new life, new name

The Stanislaus County Animal Shelter welcomed the puppy with open arms and named him Biscuit.

For a puppy as cute and adorable as he is, it wasn’t long before this instant local superstar found his new home – and a new name.

We wish you the best of luck, Ernie!

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Stanislaus Animal Services Agency via Facebook Source: Stanislaus Animal Services Agency via Facebook

Consider adopting instead of buying

Biscuit (now known as Ernie) isn’t the only dog out there who has had a really bad day and ended up in a shelter.

However, not every shelter dog gets the spotlight and dozens of people wanting to adopt them.

Due to overpopulation and lack of financial support to sustain the animals’ needs in different facilities, many of them end up euthanized every year. Despite spaying and neutering programs to reduce the amount of unwanted puppies, there is still an astounding number of dogs who will enter a shelter and never leave it.

Giving one of these dogs a chance can mean the difference between life and death for them. It can also save them from an unnecessarily long stay in a shelter where conditions can be stressful.

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Carlos62 via Flickr Source: Carlos62 via Flickr

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