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Dog showers: The latest thing every dog owner has to have

June 8th, 2019

All dog owners know the struggle of bathing and constantly cleaning up after a pet. Sure, we can just go to the groomers and have them take care of the dirt situation.

But it’s not always logistically possible, especially when there are muddy paws involved and you have a very active dog who loves the outdoors.

Fortunately, there’s now a solution to the problem. Get ready to say goodbye to muddy and paw-marked floors with custom dog showers.

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Sebring Design Build Source: Sebring Design Build

Luxury Home Staple

There’s currently a growing trend of stylish dog showers among pet parents.

More and more homeowners are requesting to have a dog shower added to their houses.

The pet-friendly feature is starting to become as common as laundry rooms when it comes to the more affluent.

It makes a lot of sense. Why would you want muddy paw prints all over an expensive home? And while we love our dogs, we know how likely they are to pick up dirt, mud, and debris while frolicking outside.

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Sebring Design Build Source: Sebring Design Build

Although associated with a higher income bracket, dog showers are not just mere status symbols. They’re actually a safer choice for both dogs and their owners, rather than regular bathtubs or sinks.

Designed to be higher and more stable, dog showers will allow pet owners to bathe their pups more efficiently and minimize the risk of bathroom-related injuries.

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The House of Grace Source: The House of Grace

In fact, it’s usually large-breed dog owners who ask to have a dog shower installed in their home. It’s safer for the dog, it’s easier on you, and the bathtub isn’t full of fur when the dog-cleaning process is over.

Other Practical Uses

What’s more, dog showers can also add value to the home because of their multi-purpose nature. Depending on where the shower is installed, it can double as a washing area for non-pup members of the family.

For example, a dog shower located in the laundry room and mudroom would be handy, as these places are also where most human-caused dirt tends to build up.

If you enjoy biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, or jogging, it might make sense to have one installed to wash away all of the dirt and sand (at least from your feet) before heading any further into the home.

Dog showers still maintain their value even if there won’t always be a dog in the house.

Ways to integrate

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Dijeau Poage Construction via The Bark Source: Dijeau Poage Construction via The Bark

There are many ways that pet owners can incorporate a dog shower in their homes.

If you aren’t ready to go all-in with this trend, begin with an outdoor shower. This option would be a great choice for people who are living in a place with a warm climate, so pets won’t get cold as they’re being bathed.

Meanwhile, a more spacious, walk-in style dog shower is more ideal for bigger dog breeds and senior dogs. Since, these aren’t elevated as much, older dogs won’t be uncomfortable during showers and pet owners won’t have to do heavy lifting to get bigger dogs in the shower.

Are you ready to install a dog shower for your own pups?

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