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Teenager looks after his elderly neighbors

September 18th, 2019

Too many older people in the world have no one to care for them. Luckily, this neighbor is showing everyone how to be a good human.

The media likes to stereotype teenagers as being delinquent, rebellious criminals. But in reality, most people aged 13 to 19 are caring, hard-working people.

Teenagers have always been stereotyped negatively and probably always will be.

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Stories like this prove that teenagers are often conscientious, caring and friendly.

Romemylion Mitchell is just 15 years old.

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Romemylion Mitchell/Facebook Source: Romemylion Mitchell/Facebook

He lives across the street from an old couple. Their health has been failing in recent years.

For this old couple, once easy things, like going to the store, have become ever more difficult.

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Cianne E Joyner/Facebook Source: Cianne E Joyner/Facebook

But Romemylion makes sure that these people have their essential needs taken care of. He has lived across from them for his entire life. While he has no obligation to help, he does it because he hates seeing people suffer in silence.

Every morning, before he goes to school or goes to hang out with his friends, he checks in on the couple. If they need something taken care of, then he does it without complaint or hesitation.

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Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook Source: Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook

The couple’s daughter, Tiki Joyner Edwards, who lives far away, recently discovered that Romemylion was looking after her parents.

When she visited and saw the young man being so selfless, she was overawed with appreciation.

She took to Facebook to tell the world of Romemylion’s good deeds.

“He rides with Dad to the store, helps him shop and brings the groceries in.. he cuts the grass and whatever they may need.”

Romemylion is not doing it to get anything in return. He’s just looking after the old couple across the street for a simple reason: he’s a good person.

And the teenager is helping them emotionally as well as physically. Recently, the woman, Cianne, had to go to the hospital. When Romemylion came over to her house and heard, he didn’t hesitate to go visit her as soon as he could.

Romemylion walked up to Cianne in the hospital and couldn’t hold back his emotions.

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Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook Source: Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook

Tiki Joyner heard about this and described how Romemylion reacted when he reached the room that Cianne was staying in.

“When he saw Mom today he busted out crying and just held her tight.. what a blessing and just wanted to pass on something heartwarming instead of the sad news we see and hear every day.”

The next time you hear someone complaining about lazy teenagers who care about no one but themselves, just tell them about Romemylion.

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Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook Source: Tiki Joyner Edwards/Facebook

The truth is that the modern world loves to pit different groups against one another. But in reality, most people are kind-hearted.

Perhaps many young people would not look out for their neighbors like Romemylion does. But is that really the fault of young people?

Teenagers across the world could be helping others, but the world does not encourage them to do so. Instead, all they hear is that they’re what’s wrong with everything nowadays. How is that supposed to motivate them to help out?

Luckily, people like Romemylion are able to rise above the negativity of others and just do what they think is a good deed.

Perhaps if society spent more time telling young people that they were valued and that we all need to look out for each other, stories like Romemylion’s would be more normal?

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Source: Tiki Joyner Edwards