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Teen Says No To Cancer Treatment So Her Son Might Live

July 12th, 2019

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Most parents would do anything for their children. This mother made the ultimate sacrifice just so her child could come into the world.

People don’t realize how lucky they are. Everyone has problems, but most of us never have to make decisions that will lead to either yourself or your child dying.

Brianna Rawlings was not yet technically a woman when she had to make this choice.

Rawlings was 17 years old and lived in Sydney, Australia when she became pregnant.

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Even though she hadn’t planned to become a mother quite so soon, she was overjoyed when she discovered that she was with child. All that she wanted was a smooth pregnancy and to balance motherhood with her future career. But unfortunately, this was not to be.

Four months into her pregnancy, the doctors discovered something terrible.

Rawlings had NK cell leukemia. This form of cancer is incredibly rare and highly aggressive.

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The diagnosis left Rawlings with a terrible choice: terminate the pregnancy to try to recover or keep the baby and have almost no chance of survival.

No 17 year old should be in a position to make such a tough choice. But she did.

Rawlings said that she had to give the baby a chance at being born. She would suffer terrible pain, but she desperately wanted to give her child a life.

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The months went by, and the doctors did their best for Rawlings. She became weaker and weaker, but she was determined to see her child come into the world.

Near the time of delivery, the doctors discovered that Rawlings had a bad blood infection. They took a radical decision: to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

Rawlings underwent a caesarian section. It was completely successful.

Kyden, Rawlings’s son, was in her mother’s arms. She looked down at him with such pride.

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Brianna Rawlings/Facebook Source: Brianna Rawlings/Facebook

But there were some terrible complications.

Kyden had contracted Rawlings’s blood infection.

The doctors spent every day doing what they could for the child. But in the end, Kyden passed away. He was just 12 days old.

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Brianna Rawlings/Facebook Source: Brianna Rawlings/Facebook

But Rawlings said that those days with her son were the 12 greatest days of her life.

Immediately after the birth, Rawlings went back in for treatment of her leukemia.

Rawlings kept on declining.

Her family was desperate to keep her in the world. Rawlings’s brother even offered his bone marrow, but the doctors said that it wouldn’t work.

The teenager’s last hope was an experimental and expensive drug trial.

No one knew what the results would be. And it would cost $2,100 for every three weeks of treatment.

Rawlings’s family took to GoFundMe, desperate to raise the cash. Touched by Rawling’s story, the public donated and donated.

Soon, the family had enough money to start the trial.

Rawlings took the first few injections. But it was too little too late.

Just a few months after her son had passed away, Rawlings too died.

Rawling’s family posted the news onto GoFundMe and social media. They said that Brianna was now reunited with Kyden. They also said that they were completely heartbroken but took some solace in the fact that her pain was now over.

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Brianna Rawlings/Facebook Source: Brianna Rawlings/Facebook

But there is a silver lining to this story.

Brianna’s terrible suffering garnered huge levels of publicity. This has increased funding for research to better understand and treat rare cancers.

And even though Rawling’s journey ended in tragedy, she remained adamant to her last seconds that she would not have done anything differently.

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