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The Signs That Show You’re Being Manipulated By A Narcissist

June 5th, 2019

The world is filled with toxic people. They all have one thing in common: they are incredibly good at manipulating honest people. But narcissists are possibly the worst kind of toxic person. If you think you may have a narcissistic manipulator in your life, this is how you can tell for sure.

Narcissists are self-obsessed and lack empathy for others.

In fact, they love nothing more than worming their way into hard-working, honest people’s lives and taking advantage of them. In fact, you can basically consider them human parasites.

And the really terrible thing is that narcissists are never satisfied with what they’re getting. They always look for more ways to drain people.

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Clearly, any decent person should avoid a narcissist at all costs. But this is easier said than done. Time and time again, narcissists manage to force themselves into people’s lives.

If you think that you may be a victim of narcissistic manipulation, then you need to break off any kind of relationship with that person.

But first, you need to be sure that the person that you suspect of being a narcissist truly is one.

These are the traits that all narcissists have in common:

1. Playing The Victim

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One of the ways that narcissists so consistently entangle themselves into other people is by playing mind games. And one of the top mind games that they play is convincing others that they are the victim of any situation.

Basically, they exaggerate and even make up situations so that others will feel sympathy for them. If someone always has a new problem, and if it conveniently occurs whenever they want something that they expect others to pay for or provide, then that’s a sure sign of narcissistic manipulation.

Interestingly, narcissists are not always consciously aware that they’re engaging in this behavior. Part of their victimizing is convincing themselves that they should be conducting their negative behavior.

2. They Frequently Become Aggressive And Intimidating

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If a narcissistic person hears that they can’t immediately get what they want, then their behavior is always predictable. They will become aggressive or intimidating or both.

This behavior can take the form of subtle threats or overt verbal/physical attacks. However, for the narcissistic person to continue manipulating someone, then they will more often than not refrain from physical violence at the start.

Also, the aggression and intimidation become more escalated over time, as the victim gets used to it.

3. They Insult Your Achievements

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At first, a narcissist will appear to be impressed with your career and the things that you are proud of. But over time, this changes.

After you’ve been lured in, they will start insulting all the things that maintain your sense of self-esteem.

This also takes the form of a manipulator insulting the things that you do for them. Instead of appreciating your efforts, they will say that you should have done better.

4. They Make You Think That Everything Is Your Fault

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This is a form of playing the victim. Only in this instance, they try to make you think you’re the one making them a victim.

You can identify it by looking for instances when something goes wrong that’s completely beyond your control, and yet the narcissist blames you for it happening.

And even if you try to point out that the thing isn’t your fault, the narcissist won’t accept it. They will twist the facts until you are convinced that you did wrong and that it’s affecting them in a bad way.

5. Everything Revolves Around Themselves

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One of the easiest ways to identify a narcissist is to notice what they talk about. If it’s only ever about them, then that’s a narcissist talking. This is one of the few traits that aren’t made murky from the narcissist manipulating you. You can just listen out for it.

When a narcissist is talking about themself, then they will often do anything they can to stick on that subject. They will quickly shut down any attempt you make to switch to something else.

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