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Firefighters follow retired police dog to toddlers in house fire

June 27th, 2019

What’s worse than your own death is the thought of your family perishing right before your eyes. It can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

It almost happened to a military veteran named Brent Feaser from Longwood, Florida, but there was a hero there to save the day – the family’s own German Shepherd dog.

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One hell of a night

It was a clear night and Brent, together with his next-door neighbor, went outside to go see Jupiter through their telescopes. There was nothing out of the ordinary happening on that nearly silent night.

However, that was about to change.

While they were out there, they suddenly heard an explosion. Next, they saw a portion of the house blow up right in front of them.

It all happened so fast that they didn’t even have time to react.

After that, fire quickly began to engulf the building.

It was a scary scene that you would only expect to see in the movies – almost too bad to be true.

It was truly a numbing experience for Brent; but he didn’t have the luxury wasting time being caught up in shock, especially when realizing that his family was still inside the house. Margo, his wife, and their two children, ages two and four, had been in the building when the explosion occurred.

They were trapped inside.

Without a second thought, the two men broke the front windows using the furniture on the porch of the Feaser family’s home.

One of the neighbors spotted Margo through a window, so they smashed it and pulled her to safety. But she wasn’t about to breathe a sigh of relief yet as she was determined to return inside the house to save her children.

Brent was already trying to do exactly that.

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Maxx, the hero dog

Moments later, firefighters arrived and pulled Brent away from the building, but the children and their dog, Maxx, were still inside. The firefighters entered the burning structure to look for the two youngest members of the family.

Thankfully, the heroic dog, a retired K-9, found the rescuers in the smoke and fire, and led them to the children’s room amidst it all.

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The Road to Recovery

The family, along with Maxx, suffered from burns and inhalation due to the smoke and heat of the fire. They were listed in serious to critical condition and were all taken to different hospitals for treatment. Luckily, and thanks to one amazing German Shepherd, they are all expected to recuperate, including the children who had been trapped the longest.

Maxx deserves to be rewarded for his heroic effort to make sure that the children were found before it was too late. Truly, helping is in his blood just by being a German Shepherd dog but especially so being a former police dog.

The family is incredibly lucky to have such an amazing dog. Getting him may have been one of the best decisions they could have ever made.

Source: LifeWithDogs