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Why pet owners are letting their dogs pass away at home

September 18th, 2019

Making the decision to have your dog put down is not an easy one. It is understandable if you feel a conflict when this decision arises, and rightfully so. Not only are you losing a lifelong companion, but you are also losing a beloved member of your family.

This can also be a difficult time for your dog if they are confused or in pain. In these situations, they usually have no idea what is going on and can be scared if you are not with them in an unknown situation. If you do make the decision to have your pet euthanized, you should consider doing so at your home versus at the vet’s officer. Here’s why …

How are dogs euthanized?

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While the procedure is simple and painless, the decision to have your pet euthanized is not easy in any sense of the word. It is usually preceded by a stressful car ride for both you and your pet. Once at the vet’s office, your dog will be given medication to knock them out, allowing your pet to pass painlessly away.

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If you do decide to take your dog to the vet to be put down, most often the vet’s office will at least give you a private room to say goodbye to your dog. Of course, a vet’s office is not as comfortable as your own home would be, which could cause some confusion for your pet.

Reasons to allow your pet to die at home

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Making your dog as comfortable and calm as possible if you decide to euthanize makes a big difference to your pet. Doing so in your own home can help. One of the most immediate benefits of doing so is that you get rid of the fear of the vet by making that a non-issue.

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In fact, it is almost a guarantee that your pet will more at peace in the home environment. Having a vet euthanize your pet at home allows your dog to be in familiar surroundings as the drugs are administered. This allows them to rest in a favorite spot as they pass on to the great beyond. In addition, this allows you and your family to spend your pet’s last moments by their side in a more relaxed environment.

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Children might also have an easier time dealing with the death of a pet within more familiar surroundings. The prospect of having to say goodbye to their beloved dog is hard enough without having to do so in a sterile vet’s office. Having this heartbreaking procedure performed in the home also gives them the opportunity to express their sadness and grief at their pet’s passing in a comfortable environment.

What to expect

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If you do need to euthanize your dog, there are options available. For example, the services of Lap of Love are available in over 30 states, including the actual euthanizing of your pet and transport of your pet’s body for cremation.

Such companies will also notify your veterinarian of your pet’s passing, lifting that burden from you. Here is a video that talks more about this delicate subject.

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Source: FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay