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Man Is Warning Others After Dog Dies From Saltwater Poisoning

April 18th, 2019

A man left grieving the untimely death of his dog last July is now warning others about the dangers of saltwater poisoning.

Florida resident, Chris Taylor (29), decided that his excitable young dog was due for some good old fashioned fun.

Being that the heat is excruciating that time of year in his area, he figured an exhilarating day at the beach was just what was in order for both of them.

Chris never would have figured, though, that this would be the last time the two would get to go play in the waves together.

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WFLA News Channel 8 Source: WFLA News Channel 8

The young beach-bound Florida resident first met his adoring Labrador-Retriever mix when he was studying for his teaching degree at the University of South Florida when his furbaby was just a puppy.

Chris was simply smitten with the adorable puppy’s fun-loving and playful nature and decided to take him home.

He named his new best buddy O.G. and he recalls in an interview with WFLA how much he adored coming home to his goofy dog.

“He always wanted to be doing what I was doing. He’s my family. he’s just so goofy and just always excited to see me when I came through the door.”

With a bond like that, we don’t blame Chris at all for wanting to squeeze in some fun time with his sweet doggy at the beach.

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WFLA News Channel 8 Source: WFLA News Channel 8

While there were a great many things that O.G. just loved to do, Chris explains that there was one thing that his crazy pup loved above all else; playing around in the water.

The heartbroken dog dad remembers when he was only a puppy how excited O.G. would be when he got home, barely able to contain himself as he waited at the door, just itching to go make some waves at the beach with Chris.

Fast forward 7 years later and his water-loving lab-mix still felt the exact same way about playing in the water, always waiting for Dad to give the word.

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So, on July 9th last year, Chris decided his devoted pooch deserved a day of water-filled fun at Honey Moon Island, a popular South Florida dog-friendly destination for beach lovers.

The day was everything the loveable pair could have hoped for, full of horsing around in the sand and jumping around in the ocean waves.

Tragically, what had been an epic day at the beach with his favorite dog in the world soon turned into a long night filled with anxious worry.

Later into the night, Chris’s worst fears were being realized right in front of him as O.G. began to show signs that there was something seriously off.

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What started out as an upset stomach soon turned into horrible diarrhea. Not long after that, poor O.G. started vomiting.

Things weren’t any better the next day.

Worried over his sweet dog, Chris was doing everything he could think of to make O.G. feel better, including making him fresh chicken and rice for his breakfast.

Sadly, O.G. was too sluggish to enjoy his homemade meal. Then, on Wednesday, just two days after their beach trip, O.G.’s health came crashing down.

The once hyper, goofy, and healthy furbaby was now dazed and listless, staring off at nothing and completely refusing any food or water.

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What terrified Chris even more than O.G.’s refusal to eat was that the poor baby was now completely unresponsive to his dad, something that had never happened before.

As soon as Chris realized that there was something seriously wrong with his dog, he raced with O.G. to the vet, praying there was something they could do for him.

Sadly, it was too late for O.G. The saltwater poisoning had already run its course and done its damage to the dying dog.

Chris remembers his last moments with his beloved doggy:

“I saw him last night, and he was convulsing, and I asked if he was in pain, she said I don’t even think he knows where he is.”

O.G. died from severe dehydration caused by drinking too much saltwater. The horrific nature of saltwater poisoning is that it can be slow, causing severe brain damage that brings on awful seizures and, ultimately, ends in death.

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WFLA News Channel 8 Source: WFLA News Channel 8

As can only be expected, Chris told Fox13 reporters that he was having trouble accepting the fact that O.G., who was just so lively a few days before, was now gone forever.

“It still feels surreal. It doesn’t feel like reality. I [have] to get a grip on that and realize that it is real and he’s gone.”

After losing his best friend so suddenly to something so seemingly safe, Chris is warning other dog parents about the dangers of playing with your dog in saltwater.

The mourning dog father pleads with other pet parents to pay extra special attention to them when they’re playing in saltwater.

Kelly Meyer, a vet at Tampa Bay Emergency, advises pet owners that plan on playing with their dogs at the beach to never stay longer than a couple of hours, and make sure to have your dog drink plenty of fresh water every half hour to help dilute the saltwater.

These two simple tips could be all that it takes to save your pooch’s life! To hear Chris’s full message, watch the video below. We are so sorry for his loss and hope his message saves as many doggies as possible.

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Source: WFLA News Channel 8