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School won’t take 8-year-old girl’s photo because her hair is dyed red – Girl leaves in tears

October 21st, 2019

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Every kid thinks that their school has some pretty stupid policies. But this school took pointless rule enforcement to a whole new level.

Most American schools have dress codes, but they can be confusing to follow.

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There is a kind of logic to these rules. After all, no school would allow a child to come into a school with a slur or hate speech written on their clothing, for obvious reasons. But some rules go way too far in suppressing a child’s self-expression.

One story, in particular, has highlighted just how pointlessly strict some schools can be in regards to dress codes.

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It all began when Marian Scott, an eight-year-old, came into school on photo day. Her school is Paragon Charter Academy in Michigan.

As it was photo day, the little girl wanted to look her best. So she and her family had decided to get her hair done especially. They gave her a nice haircut with red extensions.

The little girl loved her new haircut. In fact, her mom, Latoya Howard, said that “Marian couldn’t stop staring at herself in the mirror.”

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Marian and her family were looking forward to seeing how she would look in the photos. But thanks to the school, they would never get to see them.

On the day of the school photos, Marian’s mom braided the girl’s hair into a bun. It looked very smart, in Marian’s mom’s opinion. The school would disagree.

Marian showed up at school on time, as always, but her teachers pulled her aside. They saw her new hair extensions and got mad.

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The teachers told Marian that because of how she looked, Marian couldn’t have any photos that year. For the class photo, Marian had to stand in the corridor.

So everyone else in Marian’s class went into the hall and took a group and an individual photo. Marian was excluded while this was happening. And it was all because she had red extensions in her hair.

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Marian couldn’t keep her emotions together. She started crying, as many eight-year-olds would in a similar situation.

When Marian’s family found out what had happened, they were understandably outraged. They tried to complain to the school, but the school was completely unapologetic.

The school said that it had sent the family a reminder saying that all children in school pictures must have hair with “natural tones.”

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Marian’s family said that they had never received this reminder. And even if they had received the reminder, why is this a rule? Does it really matter if someone in the class has a little red dye in their hair? If there’s a school picture of a girl with red in their hair, it’s hardly going to start a riot.

And then it got even worse. When the family complained further about what Marian had had to go through, the school’s principal didn’t apologize.

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Instead, he gave the family one week to “correct” Marian’s hair, meaning to remove the red extensions, or she would not be allowed to stay in the class.

Sadly, the family removed the extensions. They didn’t want to do it, but they also didn’t want to get Marian suspended.

It’s disgusting that a school can suppress a child’s individuality in this way.

Marian was clearly doing nothing more than just trying to have a hairstyle she liked. But that was enough to exclude her from the school pictures and receive threats of suspension.

And the school still hasn’t apologized for their conduct.

Hopefully, Marian is not upset so much that it has an impact on her learning.

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Source: WILX 10