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Uber driver saves passenger by pretending to be her boyfriend

August 6th, 2019

Everyone gets odd requests when they’re at work. But the way that this Uber driver responded to a strange request was potentially life-saving.

Brandon Gale, as an Uber driver, meets all sorts of people.

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Brandon Gale/Facebook Source: Brandon Gale/Facebook

Some of them are friendly, while others are annoying. Occasionally, he gets some odd requests. Questions like “Can I bring my pet tarantula?” became almost commonplace.

But recently, he got a request he had never encountered before.

He didn’t realize at first, but it was for a very serious problem.

It began when he accepted a ride request from a nearby fair.

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1uber/Instagram Source: 1uber/Instagram

He started driving to the destination, but then the person waiting to be picked up sent him an unusual message.

“When you get here, can you pretend to be my boyfriend?” the message said.

Immediately, Brandon was weirded out. Was the lady who had ordered the drive going to parade him around the fair?

So Brandon sent a message back to her: “What do you mean?”

“I just need you to act like you know me, and that you’re not my Uber driver.”

Brandon would have liked more clarification from the woman he was driving to. But he thought that while the request was unusual, there was no harm in playing along. So he removed all of the stickers and Uber/Lyft signage from his car.

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Brandon Gale/Facebook Source: Brandon Gale/Facebook

Then Brandon reached the fair and saw the woman who had booked him. She was talking to a man on the lawn.

Then she looked over to Brandon and shouted “Hi, Babe! I’ll be right there!”

Brandon decided to play along, so he shouted back, “Awesome because I’m starving!”

Then the woman walked, hurriedly, up to the car and got in.

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Flickr Source: Flickr

Brandon hoped that that was the end of playing the woman’s boyfriend.

The car turned around a corner, and the woman exhaled, relieved.

She went on to explain to Brandon that the guy had been a friend of a friend’s boyfriend who had shown up that day.

The guy had been saying very innapropriate things “and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she explained.

Before she called the Uber, she had tried to head to her own car. But the guy had started to follow her, saying that he was being a gentleman by escorting her.

So she stopped in a place where there were people and looked in her bag. She said that she had lost her keys. Then the guy told her that he would ride her home. That was when she has booked Brandon on Uber.

Brandon dropped the woman off at her home. She thanked him for playing along and for restoring a little bit of her faith in humanity.

The woman’s situation was scary but sadly far too common.

Later, Brandon took to Facebook to inform everyone of the event. He stated: “This should never have had to happen. Men, learn to accept the word “no” as a response. Learn to take responsibility for your actions.”

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Brandon Gale/Facebook Source: Brandon Gale/Facebook

Brandon’s original post was shared by thousands of people. He also ended up receiving lots of praise for the way that he went along with what many would consider a strange request.

But no one praised Brandon more than his wife, who said:

“This is my husband and I couldn’t be more proud. When he posted this he didn’t think it’d get this kind of attention.”

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Brandon Gale/Facebook Source: Brandon Gale/Facebook

Stories like this show the best and the worst parts of humanity. Every man should strive to be like Brandon and not the creepy guy at the fair!

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