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Dog Stays In Shelter For 7 Years - Servicewoman Adopts Her

May 14th, 2019

Dogs don’t want a lot. All they need is a loving home, food and plenty of walks. But sadly, so many dogs never get this. It looked like Pirate would never find happiness, until an amazing person took her in.

Pirate has lived in Hawaii all her life.

Most humans and dogs would be happy with spending their entire lives in Hawaii. But Pirate had a sad life.

As a puppy, she was taken to the Oahu Animal Shelter.

The volunteers who worked there did their best for her. But obviously, it wasn’t anything like being in a home with a family to adore you.

At first, the volunteers were hopeful that Pirate would get adopted.

But time after time, the visitors moved on to other dogs.

The days turned to weeks, then months, then years. And Pirate stayed in the shelter.

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Pirate would never lose hope. Every day, when people arrived to adopt a dog, Pirate looked at the people and begged to be taken home.

But always, they moved on.

Then one day, a new volunteer arrived. Her name was Jennifer.

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She spent time with all of the dogs there, but immediately she had a special connection with Pirate.

Jennifer was serving in the US Navy. She’d recently been stationed in Hawaii. She was desperate to get a dog, but her fiance, who was waiting to move out with her, asked her to wait.

So volunteering at the shelter was her way of engaging with dogs before she could get one forever.

Jennifer asked the other volunteers how long Pirate had been at the shelter. All of them said that they didn’t know.

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Pirate_marie/Instagram Source: Pirate_marie/Instagram

The dog had been there longer than any volunteer.

So Jennifer decided to do some research. She scoured the shelter’s Instagram page. Eventually, she found a picture of Pirate as a cute puppy. She couldn’t believe that the dog had been there for a whole seven years.

Over the next few days, she continued bonding with Pirate.

Pirate would be especially happy to see her and try to kiss her whenever she gave him food.

And Jennifer felt a sadness whenever she had to say goodbye to Pirate. It was really affecting her.

She decided that she had to adopt Pirate. They were perfect for one another.

The only issue was Jennifer’s fiance. Jennifer called him and explained that she really needed to take Pirate home.

But her fiance asked to hold off.

The next day at the shelter, it was almost like Pirate knew that Jennifer had had bad news about taking her in. The dog was so sad.

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Pirate_marie/Instagram Source: Pirate_marie/Instagram

“She didn’t look at me; she didn’t look at anything. She was emotionally detached. That broke my heart.” – Jennifer.

So Jennifer took some pictures of Pirate. She sent them to her fiance. She explained how sad the dog seemed and that she needed a loving home.

Her fiance got back to Jennifer. After seeing the sadness in the dog’s eyes, Jennifer’s fiance said that they had to take the dog in. She deserved more than this!

As soon as her fiance agreed, Jennifer went to the head of the shelter.

She explained that she was going to adopt Pirate that day and taker her home.

All of the volunteers started clapping. They knew that Jennifer loved the dog and that Pirate would love her new home.

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And so she took Pirate home. Jennifer’s fiance arrived a month later. Pirate took a little time to warm up to him, but now they love each other.

Overall, they’re now a happy family and are all enjoying the best years of their lives.

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Pirate_marie/Instagram Source: Pirate_marie/Instagram

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Source: Pirate_marie/Instagram