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Circus Elephants Get Separated, Find Each Other Years Later

June 18th, 2019

Elephants are some of the smartest creatures in the world. In fact, they have the biggest brains of any animals to walk on land. This story shows how they have surprisingly human emotions.

Just gazing into an elephant’s eyes gives you an idea of how smart and caring they are.

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You can see that they have a soft and welcoming nature.

But across the world, many people mistreat elephants.

They capture them or breed them into captivity and force them to perform. Often they go through lots of suffering at the circus runners’ hands.

Shirley and Jenny were two elephants who were captured by a circus at a young age.

As babies, they were forced to perform or face the consequences. But they had each other. The two animals soon became firm friends. No matter how hard working at the circus was, they had each other.

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But then one night, that all changed. People snuck into the circus.

They broke the lock on Jenny’s cage and got her out. They put her into the back of a van.

Before she knew it, Jenny’s entire life up until then was disappearing, including Shirley.

But the people that had taken Jenny were doing it for kind reasons. They were volunteers for an elephant sanctuary.

For the first time ever, Jenny was able to experience a good life, where she was free to do whatever she wanted to do, and no one would hurt her.

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But she did not have Shirley. Jenny made some other friends at the sanctuary, but they weren’t the same as Shirley.

Meanwhile, Shirley was left alone at the circus. She had no other elephants. There were only the cruel humans.

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The circus never managed to get any more elephants. It was good that no other animals were harmed, but it was tragic how Shirley was all alone.

Then one day, the circus decided to give Shirley up. She had become too much work for them, so they were going to throw her away.

Luckily, the same sanctuary that had rescued Jenny came to the circus runners and took Shirley away.

Shirley had no idea, but she was going to meet her best friend very soon. When Shirley arrived at the sanctuary, she hadn’t seen another elephant for over 20 years.

So they kept her in a large cell and brought a friendly elephant, called Tara, up to see her.

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Everyone was worried that Shirley would have an angry reaction to the other elephant. After all, Shirley had been through a lot of suffering. But instead, something amazing happened.

Shirley extended her trunk to Tara in a friendly way. Tara extended her trunk back. They both said hi.

Everyone at the sanctuary was relieved that Shirley appeared to have a gentle soul.

But then something even more incredible happened.

Jenny walked into the shelter where Shirley was staying. Jenny let out the loudest shriek that any of the volunteers had ever heard. She then approached Shirley, and the two embraced.

They kept on hugging and touching each other through the bars of the cell. In fact, they even started to bend the bars!

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The volunteers opened the cell door, and the two could meet up properly.

For hours the two were inseparable. It was clear that the two hadn’t forgotten about each other. Now they could spend the rest of their lives with each other.

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Clearly, the saying “an elephant never forgets” is true!

Shirley realized that she wasn’t trapped anymore. She could tell that she would never have to wear a chain again.

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