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Actor Gives Children Of Fallen Servicemen Disney Vacation

June 12th, 2019

There’s no greater tragedy than seeing the children of fallen soldiers grow up without their mother or father. But Gary Sinise, the award-winning actor, is doing something to make these children’s lives more enjoyable.

Gary Sinise has long been a supporter of active service people and veterans.

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He has performed for the troops during USO and gives to a range of charities that help veterans.

And much of the actor’s work has shown the reality of what soldiers go through in war. One of his first acting roles was as a soldier, and he’s played officers in films like Forrest Gump.

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But despite all of his efforts, Sinise is never content with the help that he gives to troops. Recently, he’s extended his charitable endeavors to the families of US soldiers.

His Gary Sinise Foundation has helped thousands of veterans and their families. Perhaps the most impressive thing that it ever achieved was when it gave 1,000 children of fallen soldiers the trip of a lifetime.

The children, and their surviving parents, were all flown down to Disney World Florida from across the United States.

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After they arrived, they had a five-day vacation at the theme park, with Sinise paying all of the expenses.

It was no easy thing to coordinate, but Sinise ensured that it was successful.

He had to charter 15 different airplanes across the USA and ensure that all of the families could get to the airplanes from home.

One by one, the planes landed in Orlando. Each time, the children and their parents would emerge from the plane, and everyone in the airport stopped what they were doing and cheered them on.

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It was the least that they could do for these kids who had lost one parent forever.

And the special treatment didn’t stop there. At Disney World, the staff went out of their way to ensure that the kids and their accompanying parents had their every wish catered to.

“We wanna take care of these kids and make sure they know we don’t forget.” – Gary Sinise.

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Luckily, this was not just a one-time thing. Sinise has stated that he will keep on running this event every year for as long as possible.

This will mean lots of hard work for the actor and at a great personal expense. But he is more than happy to support this project in the long term.

The yearly project is called the “Snowball Express,” due to the fact that the trip takes place at around Christmastime. (That also shows just how expensive it must be for Sinise to organize. Everyone knows that prices for things skyrocket at Christmas!)

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Of course, nothing that anyone can do will bring the children’s parents back.

They have made the ultimate sacrifice so that everyone else can live in freedom. But what people can do instead is ensure that the relatives of those lost military men and women are given every chance to enjoy happy and successful lives.

Often, when people discuss soldier deaths, people can forget that after every death, a family has lost a loved one forever.

People like Gary Sinise are helping these people while raising awareness of them. And that’s truly inspiring.

“There are people out there that really value the military and families and they show that they don’t forget us.” – Emily Alley, whose child, Johnny, never got to meet his father.

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1,750 Gold Star family members holiday trip to Disney World from Gary Sinise Foundation

Over 1,000 Gold Star children who have lost parents in the military got a holiday trip to Disney World, thanks to actor Gary Sinise 🌟❤️️

Posted by CBS This Morning on Saturday, December 15, 2018

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